////The Basics of Business Relocation to Canada

The Basics of Business Relocation to Canada

Business relocation to Canada is perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, offering not only a great opportunity, but also an excellent means of employing competent and qualified staff. The Canadian work force is well educated and highly qualified, which can be attributed to the fact that the Canadian business sector has significant influence over what colleges and technical institutes teach students, and how they prepare them for the labour market. In addition this, the Canadian government has a variety of programs to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to pursue business relocation to Canada.

Things to know about business relocation:

· Contracts are binding, and are recognized by Canada’s courts. They are regulated by common law and statutes, except in Quebec, in which they are regulated by the Civil Code.

· Employment laws and labor relations are divided between provincial and federal governments.

  • Federal: interprovincial economic sectors (e.g banking, broadcastings, communication, transportation)
  • Provincial: all other areas (e.g. manufacturing, health, education, service industry)

· 30% of the workforce is unionized and collective agreements are made between employer and union, not across country or region.

  • Unique to Canada is the “delay of work stoppage”, which means that there are steps that must be taken before a strike can be called. This allows a period of cooling-off for both sides which helps avoid work stoppages.

· Minimum wage in Canada for experienced workers ranges from $11.00 – $13.00 depending on the province.

· It is helpful to use a licenced buyers broker when buying an existing company.

· Using a business immigration lawyer will help you relocate your company without missing any important information or forms (always ask for quotes in writing, take time to search for the right person, check credentials and references)

Steps for business relocation to Canada:

  1. Decide if you want to buy an established company/franchise or start a new business.
  2. Apply for the correct kind of Canadian work visa for your business relocation to Canada.
  3. Find and register a name for your company, then licence it through your municipality (note that you need to register your company in each province as it grows).

For more information on business relocation to Canada see ARIANNE’S blogs on Visas for Business Relocation to Canada and Moving to Canada as an Entrepreneur or Skilled Worker.

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