Intercultural Training

Cultural training for Canada

Crossing Cultures with Confidence

Customized training programmes

ARIANNE and Dr. Anne Copeland of  The Interchange Institute have developed a customized cross-cultural orientation programme that will facilitate your smooth and quick adjustment to living, studying and working in Canada.

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Cultural training for Canada
Understanding Canadian customs

Understand the Land

The Crossing Cultures with Confidence Programme will help you:

  • Understand life in Canada, including its current political and social issues, its values, and its education system

  • Recognize the various ways culture influences communication styles, perceptions, values, attitudes and behaviours, and how these affect your working and personal experiences in Canada

  • Make sense of the many challenges and opportunities posed by an international relocation, and the steps you can take to manage this transition productively

Planning a move to Canada

Vive La Différence! 

Get acquainted with the local habits and customs.

Once you’ve cleared all those administrative obstacles, you might still find yourself having a hard time integrating into Canadian society. Stop feeling like an outsider. Let us help you get your head around cultural transition and typical Canadian customs and social expectations.

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Planning a move to Canada
Cultural integration in Canada

Get to know Canada

So you can get comfortable, be yourself, and feel Canadian, no matter where you’re from.

  • Learn all about the differences between Canada and the rest of the world in our expert guided workshops

  • Gain a better understanding of your own background, while learning to respect the ways of your new country

  • Take part in this valuable global process, building bridges between different cultures and nationalities

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