Canadian Women in the Workplace: 98% Equality

It's not uncommon for immigrants and transferees to experience a bit of culture shock when they come to Canada, especially if they're coming from a more distant land in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Those arriving from countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may be especially surprised by Canadian gender roles and the [...]

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French and English neighbourhoods of Montréal

In the city of Montréal, and throughout the Province of Québec, the official language of commerce and administration is French. Ever wondered why they call it French Canada? But seriously, for all practical purposes, Montréal is a bilingual city, a melting pot of anglophones, francophones and a huge population of immigrants. Exploring the city, [...]

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Eligibility for English instruction in Montréal, Québec

An urban population of nearly two million residents makes Montréal the largest bilingual city in North America, if not the entire Western Hemisphere. But it's important to realize that the official language in Montréal and the Province of Québec is actually French. So although the city may feel very bilingual, French is considered the [...]

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International Schools in Montréal

At the crossroads of French and North American cultures, Montréal, Canada, is a truly international and bilingual city. If you're relocating to Montréal with school-age children, you should know that French is the official language of instruction in public schools. But as a foreigner or expat, you may prefer to enroll your kids in [...]

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Moving to Canada as a Caregiver or Nurse

Thanks to Canada's open and progressive policies on immigration, there are dozens of ways for foreigners to enter the country and reside here legally. Students, freelancers and skilled workers can all find immigration programs that will lead them to permanent residence. But one of the best strategies is to move to Canada as a [...]

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The Psychological Stages of Moving to Canada

Death in the family, divorce, and moving: Three of life's most stressful events. And if you're talking about moving to a foreign country, the stress and difficulty will increase exponentially. Even when you move to a place as peaceful and friendly as Canada, the relocation can be very challenging. And now the good news: [...]

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How long can you stay in Canada?

As the land of moose and maples becomes an increasingly popular destination for both tourists and immigrants, many visitors and newcomers want to know how long they can stay in Canada. The answer tho this question depends entirely on a couple of key factors. The first variable is which country you are coming from. [...]

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Canadian jobs in highest demand

For potential immigrants seeking to relocate to Canada, one of the best options is to land a job with a Canadian company. The country has a variety of favourable immigration programs for foreign workers. Even if you don't have a job offer in Canada, there are numerous options and opportunities for individuals with skills [...]

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