Canadian jobs in highest demand

For potential immigrants seeking to relocate to Canada, one of the best options is to land a job with a Canadian company. The country has a variety of favourable immigration programs for foreign workers. Even if you don't have a job offer in Canada, there are numerous options and opportunities for individuals with skills [...]

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Moving to Canada and Finding a Job

When moving to a new country like Canada, one of your first concerns will also be about finding work. Sometimes finding a good job in your native land can be challenging enough. But when you relocate overseas, it's hard to know what to expect or where to begin. One very common question we hear [...]

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International Experience Canada: Working Holiday Visa

Are you a young adult who wants to spend a couple of years discovering a new country, travelling, working temporarily and gaining new and exciting life experiences in Canada? If you are between the 18 and 35 years old (30 years old for some nationalities) and are citizens of France, Switzerland, Australia and other [...]

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Working in Canada: How to Get your Social Insurance Number

Obtaining your Social Insurance Number, or SIN, is one of the very first steps you will need to take when arriving in Canada, whether you are on a Work Permit, on a Study Permit with the intention to work on campus, or on Permanent Residence. This number is your social ID: you need to [...]

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International Experience Canada: Mobility Opportunities for the Youth

Whether you call them Gen Y or Millennials, young people have been showing an increasing craving for international mobility. International Experience Canada Through a series of bilateral agreements, united under the International Experience Canada banner (IEC), Canada has tried to make the most of this phenomenon and attract young people between the ages of [...]

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