Language laws for business in Montréal and Québec

Welcome to Montréal, where French and North American cultures come together like pancakes and maple syrup. Yes, it's a beautiful case of international fusion. But just like a jug of syrup, it can sometimes get messy. And nowhere is that mess more evident than in the language laws of Québec. For all practical purposes, [...]

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Canadian Women in the Workplace: 98% Equality

It's not uncommon for immigrants and transferees to experience a bit of culture shock when they come to Canada, especially if they're coming from a more distant land in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Those arriving from countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may be especially surprised by Canadian gender roles and the [...]

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Canadian jobs in highest demand

For potential immigrants seeking to relocate to Canada, one of the best options is to land a job with a Canadian company. The country has a variety of favourable immigration programs for foreign workers. Even if you don't have a job offer in Canada, there are numerous options and opportunities for individuals with skills [...]

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What’s so great about living in Calgary?

As immigrants from around the world flock to Canada in record quantities, the greatest number (about 1/3 of them) are still settling in Toronto. Montreal and Vancouver also continue to attract legions of foreign workers, international students and immigrants of all kinds. Meanwhile, on the quiet plains of Alberta, Calgary is seeing the greatest [...]

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Moving to Canada and Finding a Job

When moving to a new country like Canada, one of your first concerns will also be about finding work. Sometimes finding a good job in your native land can be challenging enough. But when you relocate overseas, it's hard to know what to expect or where to begin. One very common question we hear [...]

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12 Tech Companies you didn’t know were based in Canada

Social stability and economic prosperity are two reasons why skilled workers and tech giants are flocking to Canada to set up shop and advance their positions in the global marketplace. Toronto and Vancouver have turned into major technology hubs in recent years, and Montreal has earned a reputation as the artificial intelligence capital of [...]

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How Montreal Became the Capital of Artificial Intelligence

When one thinks of the talent pool in Quebec, one can’t help but think of the Olympics. In the winter games, Quebec has notoriously dominated the podium, winning more medals than any other province. Last year’s 12 French-Canadian medals are proof of that. But today, Quebec is gaining international acclaim for a different kind of [...]

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Moving to Canada as a Freelancer

So you finally did it; you've taken the plunge. You quit your dead-end desk job and set out on your own. No more incompetent office managers breathing down your neck, no more back-stabbing coworkers trying to take credit for your hard work. At last, you're the boss, and you're doing things your way. Maybe [...]

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Moving to Canada as an Entrepreneur or Skilled Worker: Economic Mobility

For entrepreneurs moving to Canada and Canadian businesses wanting to bring skilled labor into the country, the opportunities have never been greater. As the country ramps up its immigration numbers, policy makers are finding more and more ways to lure skilled workers, attract foreign investment, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. The following article will [...]

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