Killarney vs. Kitsilano: Family friendly neighbourhoods of Vancouver

If you are moving to Vancouver with a family, one of the first things you'll need to do is decide on a neighbourhood. Like most Canadian cities, Vancouver consists of many different districts and quarters. Some parts of town are more suitable for hipsters and young professionals, and other neighbourhoods like Killarney and Kitsilano [...]

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Don Mills: One of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods for families

Many describe Canada as nation of immigrants. And rightly so. In major cities like Toronto, nearly half the population was born outside of Canada. Equally, we can call Toronto a city of neighbourhoods. True enough. The city officially recognizes 140 designated neighbourhoods. Include the unofficial neighbourhoods, and the total rises to about 240. So [...]

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Cruising through Cowtown: The Neighbourhoods of Calgary

Some call it Cowtown and some call it C-town. A lot of people call it Stampede City, and for good reason! But whatever you choose to call it, we're sure you'll find plenty to like about the "Heart of the New West," a.k.a. Calgary. As Canada's third largest city — located near the wide [...]

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Neighbourhoods of Toronto: Finding your way in Canada’s first city

The city of Toronto is located in the province of Ontario; it's the fifth most populous city in North America. Toronto is considered to be the economic capital of Canada. As many North American cities, Toronto is divided geometrically; its borders are formed by Lake Ontario to the south.

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Montréal neighbourhoods and arrondissements

The city of Montréal consists of about 1.6 million people and it is the major city of Québec. The main language is French, so it is also considered the second largest French-speaking city after Paris. But Montréal remains a multicultural city because of the large number of communities that have settled in various Montréal [...]

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