On the southwest outskirts of Montreal proper, near the southern edge of the island, you’ll find the charming suburb of Montreal West, or Montréal Ouest. Not to be confused with upscale Westmount, which lies perfectly in between, Montreal West is a quiet residential area filled young families and relatively affordable real estate. So if you’re moving to Montreal with a family, and looking for a nice neighbourhood, you’ll definitely want to consider West Montreal.

As you study the layout of Montreal, you’ll find that the 19 boroughs and additional suburbs are extremely diverse in terms of cultures, languages and lifestyles. There are Francophone areas and Anglophone areas. Some districts are pretty high-end, and others are rather disadvantaged. Certain parts of town will have great spots for dining and entertainment, others will tend to be more quiet and peaceful. So whether you’re a retired couple, a single young professional, or a family with small children, you’ll want to do your homework to know which neighbourhood is best for you.

Montreal West for Young Families

If you’re looking for a quiet suburb with a good supply of single family homes, Montreal West is probably your best option in this colorful city. Just 15 minutes from downtown, and still on Montreal island, commuting into the city is easy. Whether you’re heading downtown for business or for pleasure, you’ll have no trouble getting their quickly by car. And if you’re concerned about parking—which perhaps you should be in downtown Montreal—there’s plenty of public transportation to and from this suburb, either by train or bus.

It’s also important to know that Montreal West is a primarily English-speaking. Quebec is a French speaking province, after all, and French is also the official language of the city. Although, for all practical purposes, Montreal is really a bilingual community.

Real Estate in Montreal West

Like any big city, you can find a pretty wide range of home prices in Montreal. You’ll need to consider whether to rent or to buy, and if you’d prefer a detached home or an apartment or condo. If you’re not careful, the decision can quickly get overwhelming.

Montreal West is a small, close-knit community made up primarily of single family houses. The neighbourhood includes a lot of side-by-side houses, bringing a warm, neighbourly feeling to the area.

Here’s a brief overview of rental rates in Montreal as of Spring 2019, according to Numbeo.com.

  • One-bed room apartment in the city center $1,100
  • One-bedroom apartment outside the city center $750
  • Three-bed room apartment in the city center $1,900
  • Three-bedroom apartment outside the city center $1,300

Montreal enjoys some of the lowest rent prices in Canada, and about 2/3 of residents rent rather than own their home. In Montreal West, however, where there are far more houses than apartments, rates of home ownership are actually much higher.

As of April 2019, the benchmark price for a home in Greater Montreal was $360,000. Compare that to Toronto where the benchmark price is more than twice that, or around $790,000. As in every Canadian metropolis, a home near the heart of the city will cost the most. Prices gradually decline as you move away from the centre.

So home prices in Montreal West, just a few minutes from the city centre, are not as high as in downtown or neighbouring Westmount, but they are above average. You can still purchase a condo for under $400,ooo, but most detached single-family homes are at least $600,000. Larger, more deluxe models selling for one to two million.

Schools in Montreal West

Montreal West is notable for having Quebec’s most highly rated Anglophone schools. Quebec law (Bill 101) requires most Montrealers to attend French-speaking schools, but bilingual education is common, and exceptions are sometimes available for Anglophones. Check out our article on English education in Quebec for more details.

Royal West Academy, the community’s public secondary school, accepts students only after an entrance examination and interview. Two other elementary school also provide English education. Nearby, in Westmount, you can find a large number of private schools, both English and French, for girls and boys.

Local flavor

Montreal West also has a large number of neighbourhood parks and public spaces where people tend to relax and go for a walk. Family houses are not far from these parks, making the area even more charming and desirable. An absence of urban landmarks and attractions ensures that Montreal West is not overrun with tourists. The result is a peaceful neighbourhood where children are safe to play outside and families can take leisurely strolls through the park.


A quiet suburb with attractive and affordable housing, Montreal West is an ideal neighbourhood to raise a family. But before you buy a house or sign a rental contract, you’ll be best off taking a closer look at the whole city with a knowledgeable local at your side. ARIANNE Relocation has been helping families and professionals move and get settled in Montreal for more than 20 years. Our clients’ long-term happiness is our top priority, and we’d love to help make your relocation go more smoothly and successfully.

To learn more about our services, including our Online Relocation Guides and In-Person concierge service, check out our Let’s Get Started page. Also take a look at our articles on Montreal Neighbourhoods, Private Schools in Westmount, Moving to Canada with a family, and Where to live when moving to Canada.

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