Why High Tech Workers are Heading to Canada

A recent story from NPR has been trending this week, and reiterating what we here at ARIANNE have long known. High tech workers are heading to Canada. It's good news for Canadian tech companies. And it's good news for international workers with specialized skills and training. But it's not such good news for American [...]

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Language laws for business in Montréal and Québec

Welcome to Montréal, where French and North American cultures come together like pancakes and maple syrup. Yes, it's a beautiful case of international fusion. But just like a jug of syrup, it can sometimes get messy. And nowhere is that mess more evident than in the language laws of Québec. For all practical purposes, [...]

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Canadian jobs in highest demand

For potential immigrants seeking to relocate to Canada, one of the best options is to land a job with a Canadian company. The country has a variety of favourable immigration programs for foreign workers. Even if you don't have a job offer in Canada, there are numerous options and opportunities for individuals with skills [...]

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What’s so great about living in Calgary?

As immigrants from around the world flock to Canada in record quantities, the greatest number (about 1/3 of them) are still settling in Toronto. Montreal and Vancouver also continue to attract legions of foreign workers, international students and immigrants of all kinds. Meanwhile, on the quiet plains of Alberta, Calgary is seeing the greatest [...]

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International Experience Canada: Mobility Opportunities for the Youth

Whether you call them Gen Y or Millennials, young people have been showing an increasing craving for international mobility. International Experience Canada Through a series of bilateral agreements, united under the International Experience Canada banner (IEC), Canada has tried to make the most of this phenomenon and attract young people between the ages of [...]

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