Moving to Canada as a Refugee and Seeking Asylum

As the neighbour to the south cracks down on immigration, Trudeau and his Liberal Party have been turning Canada into something of a haven for asylum-seeking refugees. Moving to Canada to escape poverty, civil unrest and political instability is a dream for many people from around the world. But turning that dream into a [...]

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Provincial Nominee Programs for Canadian Immigration

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) include some of the most popular paths to Canadian Immigration. Every province and territory, except for Nunavut and Quebec, offers its own distinct Provincial Nominee Programs to attract certain immigrants who are most desirable for the economy and labour market of that region. Quebec has a different system for selecting its immigrants. [...]

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Moving to Canada as a Student: How, why and where

If you're thinking of moving to Canada as a student, it's probably a brilliant idea. The international experience you can gain by studying abroad will bring you a lifetime of rewards. Among western nations, Canada has some of the most inviting immigration programs you will ever find. And as a student in Canada, will [...]

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Moving to Canada and Finding a Job

When moving to a new country like Canada, one of your first concerns will also be about finding work. Sometimes finding a good job in your native land can be challenging enough. But when you relocate overseas, it's hard to know what to expect or where to begin. One very common question we hear [...]

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Canadian Relocation Services: How we can help

Moving to a new country can be exciting, fun, complicated, confusing, stressful and wonderful. In fact, there are dozens of words you could use to describe an international relocation, but "easy" is probably not one of them. Even moving to Canada—a country with an exceptionally high quality of living and a notoriously friendly population—can [...]

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Moving to Canada as an American: An easy path to immigration

Canada expects to welcome about one million new immigrants over the next three years. Many thousands of newcomers will be arriving from overpopulated areas of India and China, as well as politically unstable regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. But a great portion of the newcomers will be coming from right next [...]

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Canadian Healthcare for Immigrants

In the United States, and throughout the world, people look to Canada as an exemplar for effective, universal healthcare coverage. Before moving to a new country, one of an immigrant's chief concerns will be understanding the healthcare system in that country and how it will work for them as a newcomer. Yes, Canada takes [...]

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Moving to Canada as a Freelancer

So you finally did it; you've taken the plunge. You quit your dead-end desk job and set out on your own. No more incompetent office managers breathing down your neck, no more back-stabbing coworkers trying to take credit for your hard work. At last, you're the boss, and you're doing things your way. Maybe [...]

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Immigration Options for Nomads and Retirees: How can I move to Canada?

We hear from people all the time who want to know: How can I move to Canada? Many of them are older Americans wanting to retire in Canada, some are younger digital nomads looking for a comfortable place to settle for an extended temporary stay. We hear from a lot of Americans who want to [...]

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Helping your Transferee Overcome Loneliness

Every year, Canada helps people from all over the world immigrate to our provinces for economic reasons. Many of the Provincial Nominee Programs target business people and skilled workers who already have job offers within the nation's borders. While immigrating to Canada can provide wonderful career opportunities for employees, and the chance to explore a new, rich [...]

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