So Prince Harry wants to move to Canada. We can help with that. ARIANNE Relocation has been helping families and professionals relocate to Canada for more than 20 years. This would be our first client from the British Royal Family, but that makes little difference. Since 1997, everyone of our customers has received the royal treatment. The bigger question is whether Canadian immigration would allow the Prince to resettle in the country.

Can Prince Harry move to Canada?

In recent years, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has been making it easier for foreign workers and refugees to enter Canada. But still, there are standards and procedures with which every candidate must comply. Depending on which immigration program His Highness selects, he may or may not qualify for residency in this far western outpost of the British Empire. In any case, he is likely to have a more difficult time than you might expect.

The Canadian Immigration point system

We have written extensively on Canada’s various federal immigration programs and Provincial Nominee Programs, but generally the system favors those who are most likely to make a notable contribution to the national culture and economy. So in evaluating candidates, the IRCC typically uses some kind of point system.

Of course, they look at a whole range of factors and personal details. The most important of those tend to be the applicant’s age, work history, and education. Canada prefers to welcome immigrants who are younger, but with some significant work experience or specialized training. And the more education the better. These are the candidates who will probably make the most valuable addition to the country’s workforce.

How does Prince Harry measure up?

The Duke of Sussex (another of Harry’s titles) was born in September 1984, so as we write this article he is 35 years old. He’s not over the hill by any means, but compared to the throngs of 20-somethings clambering to get into Canada from China and India, his age will surely work against him.

Worse still, the Prince never attended university. In 2003 he completed his studies at Eton College, a prestigious boarding school to be sure, but that marked the end of his academic career. He did go on to serve in the military, on active duty from 2005 to 2015, with two deployments to Afghanistan. At one point he commented on the similarity between some of the military weapons systems and the video games he had played back home.

Prince Harry did receive various honors for his service in the military, and he also succeeded at staying well out of harm’s way. Indeed, he may have acquired some useful technical skills during his service, but unfortunately not in the fields of greatest interest to Canada. Among the professions in highest demand are nurses, software developers, engineers, college professors and psychologists. Video game enthusiasts did not make the list.

One more factor that the IRCC considers is the financial wherewithal of the candidate. This could make all the difference in Harry’s application. As a member of the British Royal Family, the Prince should have no difficulty supporting himself without turning to Canada’s social welfare system for assistance. Furthermore, between Meghan Markle and himself, the two are likely to drop a fair quantity of loonies on local goods and services in the new hometown of Vancouver.

How can we help you move to Canada, regardless of your royal lineage?

Whether you’re packing a few textbooks or a trunk full of royal jewels, moving to a new country is a complicated process. Packing is one of the first steps; knowing what to leave behind, what to bring along, and how to get it all from point A to point B. And then you have to decide where to stay once you arrive. Choosing the right neighborhood, deciding whether to rent an apartment or buy a house, the number of serious decisions suddenly explodes exponentially.

When you want to make the best decisions, in matters as important as these, you really need to be well informed. And local knowledge is critical. That’s where our relocation services come in. Our team of experts knows the lay of the land, and we listen to you to fully understand your concerns and priorities. With a clear set of goals in mind, we enable you to make a soft landing in your new city/country and to hit the ground running.

By making the right decisions the first time around, you end up saving tremendous amounts of time and money, so that you can continue doing the things that matter most to you. That could mean getting straight to work, or spending more time with your family. What’s important is that you don’t end up settling for less that what you want, simply because you rushed into a poor decision without enough information.

But packing and shipping and finding a place to live are only the very beginning. It’s the little details that can end up taking all your time when you try to make sense of a new country.

So what else can we help you with?

Destination Canada

ARIANNE has relocation specialists throughout the country. Whether you’re heading to Vancouver like the Prince, or to Canada’s most populous city, Toronto, or to the less populated prairies, we can help make your arrival easier. From our comprehensive, easy-to-use Online Relocations Guides, to our personalized one-on-one services, we have a solution to fit every budget.

PHOTO CREDIT: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Flickr)