Whether you’re new to the city, or you’ve spent your whole life here, these are 10 things about Calgary that you’re sure to find interesting.

1. According to Forbes. com, Calgary is the cleanest city in the world. This could be partly attributed to the city’s $300 fine for spitting in public. You might find it surprising with a city known for being a major hub in Canada’s oil and gas industry. But since the government of Alberta launched the Too Good To Waste program in 2007, the province has made great strides towards reducing and managing its waste.

2. The Calgary Stampede, a ten-day event held in July, bills itself as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Among its highlights, the event includes the world’s largest rodeo and numerous other competitions and exhibitions, like a parade, a chuckwagon derby race, and a blacksmith competition.

3. Although many refer to it as Cowtown, Calgary is a city of tremendous cultural diversity, where you can overhear more than 120 different languages being spoken. Approximately 36 percent of Calgary residents belong to a visible minority group.

4. Canada’s sunniest big city, Calgary enjoys an average of 2,300 hours of sunlight per year. But it’s not all blue skies. The city averages about 67 rainy days per years and 55 days of snow.

5. It’s also a windy city, with an average of 36 days per year with recorded winds of over 52 km/h. No matter what time of year it is, it’s always advisable to pack a wind breaker and a warm fuzzy toque. 

6. Calgary consistently ranks around #3 on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey of the most livable cities in the world, and #1 based on environmental factors such as air and water quality, pollution and traffic.

7. Calgary has more millionaires per capita than any Canadian city. Between the large number of corporations and Alberta’s prospering energy sector, the city has a median family income of $104,530. 

8. The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, on the outskirts of Calgary, has recorded sightings of more than 260 bird species. The park offers a variety of courses, programs and special events for students, families and bird lovers of all ages, to celebrate the parks and green spaces, promote environmental stewardship and explore the wonders of nature.

9. Fishermen from around the world flock to Calgary’s Bow River hoping to hook a two-foot trout. The average fish caught in the Lower Bower River measures about 20 inches.

10. Before its discovery by the British Empire, the area that is now Calgary was a part of the Blackfoot Confederacy, which extended across modern-day Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The Calgary region was inhabited by Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan and the Tsuu T’ina First Nations.

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