“Travelling South” from Canada

You may have heard Canadians use the expression “Travelling South” and wondered where in the "south" do they mean? When people say “south” they're actually referring to the southern states of the USA, the Caribbean islands, or even Central or South America. These are the closest destinations to Canada when you're in need of [...]

Road Trips in Canada – Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary

Taking a road trip is always fun, particularly in Canada because the country is one of the biggest in the world with a huge array of amazing landscapes. Depending on where you live in Canada there are a number of legendary road trips to choose from. From Vancouver – The sea to sky highway [...]

Finding a hotel in the province of Québec

In Quebec there are a lot of very different accomodations, all in their own kind, in order to offer you a relaxing or more dynamic stay, depending on what you look for. From Montreal's Ritz Carleton to the European sumptuousness of the Hotel de la Montagne, to the grand backcountry resorts, such as the Gite Mont St. Albert in the Parc de la Gaspesie; all these singular accomodations will make your stay very special.

Canadian airline companies

The main Canadian airlines who fly both inside Canada and Worldwide are: Air Canada, Air Transat, Sun Sky Airline, WestJet Airlines, CanJet.