The REM train and Montreal real estate

In April 2018, construction began on the Réseau express métropolitain, or REM train, in Montreal. The massive, $6 billion infrastructure project promises to bring huge improvements to the city's public transportation network, with more tracks, new metro stations, and links with suburban neighbourhoods not previously connected to Montreal's rapid transit system. The REM project [...]

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Montessori Schools in Toronto

Families moving to Toronto with school-age children will be happy to know that Canada has some of the highest standards of education in the world. In addition to an excellent public school system, major cities like Toronto also have a great selection of Montessori schools and private academies offering alternative styles of education. The [...]

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11 Reasons to love the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal

When you move to Montréal, Canada, you're not likely to suffer from under-stimulation. Perhaps the most culturally diverse city in North America, Montréal is a melting pot of French Europeans, Anglophones and international immigrants, ex-pats and refugees, with a metro population of over 4 million. And if it's entertainment you're looking for, just head [...]

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Language laws for business in Montréal and Québec

Welcome to Montréal, where French and North American cultures come together like pancakes and maple syrup. Yes, it's a beautiful case of international fusion. But just like a jug of syrup, it can sometimes get messy. And nowhere is that mess more evident than in the language laws of Québec. For all practical purposes, [...]

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13 Inventions you didn’t know were Canadian

Easily overshadowed by the neighbouring superpower to the south, Canada is actually entitled to its own fair share of bragging rights. It is, after all, the second largest country on earth, by area, after Russia. It's also home to the second largest oil reserves on the planet, after Saudi Arabia. A great number of [...]

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International Schools in Vancouver and British Columbia

On Canada's westernmost coast, Vancouver is something like North America's final frontier. Somewhat at the fringe, both geographically and politically, its position on the Pacific Rim opens Vancouver to cultural and commercial exchange with other cosmopolitan cities like San Francisco, Tokyo and Beijing. And an exceptional quality of living has attracted investors and immigrants [...]

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Canadian Women in the Workplace: 98% Equality

It's not uncommon for immigrants and transferees to experience a bit of culture shock when they come to Canada, especially if they're coming from a more distant land in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Those arriving from countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may be especially surprised by Canadian gender roles and the [...]

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French and English neighbourhoods of Montréal

In the city of Montréal, and throughout the Province of Québec, the official language of commerce and administration is French. Ever wondered why they call it French Canada? But seriously, for all practical purposes, Montréal is a bilingual city, a melting pot of anglophones, francophones and a huge population of immigrants. Exploring the city, [...]

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