You may have heard Canadians use the expression “Travelling South” and wondered where in the “south” do they mean?

When people say “south” they’re actually referring to the southern states of the USA, the Caribbean islands, or even Central or South America. These are the closest destinations to Canada when you’re in need of some sunshine and warmth during the long Canadian winter. If this is your first winter in Canada, you may not feel the need to escape the cold just yet, and are instead enjoying the winter wonderland landscapes, snowfall and icicles, and a healthy dose of skiing. After a few years, however, it might be time to swap your skiing trip at Mont Tremblant for warmer climes.

Temperatures typically begin to fall in October, and the winter lasts until the end of March. There are two holidays in this period: Christmas Holidays, and Spring Break. During these holidays, many Canadians choose to leave for the south. The most popular option is the “all inclusive” resort package. Usually these resorts are incredibly luxurious, often directly on the beach, with a range of organized leisure and sport activities, restaurants, bars and spas. With all-inclusive deals, prices normally include flights, transfers to/from the resort and airport, accommodation, activities, meals, and drinks, depending on the plan and on the resort. Unfortunately, due to the high demand during these busy holiday periods, these ‘peak’ dates will cost you significantly more than during off-season dates. Depending on the location and star rating for the resort, you could be looking at paying between $1,000 and $4,000 per person for a week’s holiday. However, it is still possible to find some good deals out there for holiday packages if you shop around!

Some top destinations include:

  • Bahamas: Nassau
  • Mexico: Tulum; Puerto Vallarta; Cancun, Los Cabos
  • USA: Las Vegas, Nevada; Hawaii; California; Florida
  • Colombia: Cartagena
  • Nicaragua: Granada
  • Guatemala: Lake Atitlan
  • Jamaica: Kingston; Montenegro Bay
  • Argentina: Bariloche
  • Panama: Bocas del Toro
  • Chile: Valparaiso
  • Cuba: Varadero
  • Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

Travelling South has almost become a tradition here in Canada, allowing you to relax and enjoy a sunny, even tropical break in the long winter months. You can choose to organize your holidays through a travel agency, or search and book holidays online through websites such as Sunwing or Expedia.

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