The REM train and Montreal real estate

In April 2018, construction began on the Réseau express métropolitain, or REM train, in Montreal. The massive, $6 billion infrastructure project promises to bring huge improvements to the city's public transportation network, with more tracks, new metro stations, and links with suburban neighbourhoods not previously connected to Montreal's rapid transit system. The REM project [...]

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Travelling in Canada by bus or by train

Even though there are 3694 kms (2295 miles) from Montreal to Vancouver, you will want to travel in Canada; to discover the different regions, different environments, different accents, food and people.

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Public Transportation in Toronto

The TTC is the system of public transportation in Toronto. As the third largest transport system in North America, there is no doubt that you will easily be able to get to where you need to go. Fares for public transportation in Toronto: - Adult & Post-Secondary Student $3.25 - Senior/Student $2.10 - Child [...]

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Public Transportation in Calgary

Calgary Transit (CT) is known for its environmental significance and efficient service, when it comes to public transportation in Calgary. With over 4,000 kilometres of transport, encompassing 160 bus routes - including the BRT and express bus services – and 2 Light Rail routes, your journeys on public transportation in Calgary are sure to [...]

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Public Transportation in Vancouver

TransLink is the system of public transportation in Vancouver. Its services include bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus transport, as well as the HandyDART for those requiring extra assistance on public transportation. Like in most other major cities, TransLink operates a reloadable fare card, Compass, which is valid everywhere on transit in Vancouver. You can also [...]

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Public Transportation in Halifax

Metro Transit runs the public transportation in Halifax and is the largest transport agency in Atlantic Canada. They offer ferry, bus, and Access-A-Bus services. Public transportation in Halifax can take you where you need to go and relieves the stress of traffic and parking at your destination! Fares:  Exact change required for all [...]

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Public Transportation in Montréal

After a decade of working in the relocation industry I have heard our Montreal-bound clients mention over and over again that they would like to “live a few minutes from a metro station”. As there are only 68 metro stations in the Greater Montreal area and large portions of the island are not served by the metro system, the truth is that most Montrealers live a bus ride away to the nearest metro.

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Travelling in Canada by boat

From the west to the east side, Canada's rivers offer vast opportunities of discovering the country. Indeed, Canada has a lot of large rivers; they discharge nearly 9% of the world's renewable water supply.

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