////Getting a Car in Canada

Getting a Car in Canada

You will probably need a car in Canada, when you relocate, and you do have choices. You can go through a dealership, a private seller or shop online when buying a car in Canada, and don’t forget that you also have the option of renting a car in Canada for a period upon arrival.

Renting a Car:

Renting a car for a period before you decide on the one you want to buy can be a good idea. For those between 21-25, there may be a “young drivers surcharge”, and if you are over 25, you will be limited only by your budget. There are some important things to keep in mind when renting a car to know you are safe, and covered in case of accident:

– Make sure you have adequate liability insurance

– Check if out-of-province insurance and a collision/loss damage waiver are included or if they will cost you extra

– Ask about the coverage: does it include supplementary liability insurance, extended protection insurance, personal effects coverage?

Companies “class” their cars by size, and not by the capacity of the cars engine.

– Classes are: 1.compact, 2.midsize, 2.full size

– Also available: mini busses/vans, people carriers, luxury, convertible, 4-wheel-drive SUV’s, and sports cars

Buying a Car:

New Car: You will be please to know that when buying a car in Canada, the price is significantly less than anywhere else in the world, due to the fact that the dealer mark-up is lower. Things to consider are:

– The on-road cost, not just the sticker price of a vehicle.

– The “options” that come with the vehicle – ask the dealer to show you, or demonstrate them so you know you are really getting them.

– List prices don’t include GST, provincial sales taxes, or registration.

– Dealers often charge around $125 for paper work. (this can be negotiated, so don’t be afraid to go somewhere else if you do not feel the price is fair)

Used Car: Buying a used car can be excellent value in Canada, especially if it has low mileage and less than 1 year old. Things to think about:

– Check for rust from the salt on the roads which is highly corrosive

– Make sure the cold weather equipment (such as heater, engine-block heater, etc) is adequate and working.

– When you’re privately buying a used car the payment must be in cash or certified check

– Make sure a private seller owns the vehicle by checking at the Personal Property Registration Office in your provinces capital to obtain the bill of sale, proper registration and copies of financial transactions.

– After you buy and before you drive, make sure the insurance and registration are up to date as both of these things are mandatory in Canada.

Whatever you decide, from renting a car, to buying a car, enjoy the ride!

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