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Green Shopping in Toronto: 11 Eco-friendly options

Notorious for their long, frigid winters, you might think that Canadians would look forward to a little dose of global warming. On the contrary, Canadians are among the most environmentally conscious citizens on earth. Climate change might allow them a few extra days of balmy t-shirt weather in the spring and fall, but it [...]

Where to shop for specific products in Montréal, Québec

When you first arrive in Montréal, you may have some questions about what the best stores are to do your different types of shopping. You might have heard people mention SAQ, but don't know what they mean, or you may be wondering where to buy stationery. There are some shopping quirks specific to the [...]

10 things to do in Montréal

Is it your first stay in Montréal? There are so many things to do in Montréal, so here is a short list of some places that you must see! Vieux-Montréal: The Vieux-Montréal is a historic district bordered by the impressive Saint Lawrence River. There are several important public places like the park Champ-de-Mars, Place [...]

Shopping in Canada: To do errands in Canada

As you can see in “Compared cost of living: Montréal versus Paris” shopping in Canada is a bit more expensive than in France. In this article we will compare supermarkets and share some advice to make your shopping in Montréal easier. First you have to know that there are plenty of supermarkets at different [...]

What is La SAQ?

Congratulations on your move to Québec! Now it’s time for you to get to know your neighbours better, so why not invite them for dinner? The good old 'wine and dine' for a perfect social evening. But wait a moment...you find yourself at the supermarket shopping for the aforementioned meal, when you find that [...]

The Dépanneur

Looking for a shop open early in the morning and late in the evening, offering basic essential products, within walking distance? Try the dépanneur! The dépanneur, or "dép", is a convenience store, typically with a family-business atmosphere, which offers essential services to the community in the form of grocery and household items. The dépanneur [...]

Shopping in Toronto

Shopping in Toronto may be a foreign experience when you first relocate to the city, but once you know the in's and out's of Canadian shopping, it will be a breeze. Supermarkets in Toronto: IGA is one of the biggest supermarkets in Toronto, along with Metro and Loblaws. A prominent brand stocked throughout supermarkets in [...]