Is it your first stay in Montréal? There are so many things to do in Montréal, so here is a short list of some places that you must see!

  • Vieux-Montréal:

The Vieux-Montréal is a historic district bordered by the impressive Saint Lawrence River. There are several important public places like the park Champ-de-Mars, Place Jacques-Cartier and the famous Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. In the west, there are some offices, lofts, and art galleries… And in the south, is Downtown and the Quartier International, with a lot of skyscrapers, hotels and offices.

  • Montréal Museum of Fine Arts:

This is the oldest art museum in Montréal and it has an international reputation. It houses a mix of permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as special events and concerts. The permanent collection is very comprehensive and has displays covering almost all styles and eras.

  • Sainte-Catherine Street:

This is the main street in Montréal and the place to be if you are a keen shopper! It stretches over more than 10 kilometres, and is connected with an underground network of shopping arcades and served by five subways stations.

  • The Plateau Mont-Royal:

This is a multicultural neighbourhood that is very lively thanks to a young population and a multitude of restaurants and bars. The culture is important; many artists choose this district, as there are many cultural activities, and lots of theatres and art galleries.  The two major streets are Saint Denis Street and Mont-Royal Avenue.

  • Quartier Latin:

Student bars, pubs, theatres and cinemas give a certain liveliness to the Quartier Latin! On the east, is the vibrant gay village, where a festive atmosphere is guaranteed round the clock! In the south of the district, you will see the Jacques Cartier Bridge that leads to Île Notre Dame and Île Sainte-Hélène.

  • Boulevard Saint-Laurent:

This is a major street with a lot of shops and restaurants; and a true hub of Montréal’s multiculturalism. Historically an important district for the city’s immigrants, this is where you will find Montréal’s Chinatown.

  • Golden Square Mile:

The Golden Square Mile was a luxurious neighbourhood located in the west-central section of downtown Montréal. Nowadays, with the development of the city, some old houses have been destroyed to make new apartment blocks. You can also find the McGill University, the McCord museum and the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts in the Golden Square Mile.

  • Jean Talon Market:

The largest market in Montréal, you will find all sorts of handmade Québecer products, and a large selection of organic produce. It is a lovely walk through the aisles, which are permanently full of aromas and colours. While you are in the area, you can visit one of the most charismatic neighbourhoods of Montréal, Little Italy.

  • Parc Olympique:

The Olympic village of Montréal is located on the east of the island; a legacy of the 1976 Olympic Games that took place in Montréal. At the top of the tower you will discover a stunning view of the city and you can also visit the Olympic Stadium with a guide. Check out the special events organized at the Olympic village as well.

  • EcoMuseum:

Montréal’s EcoMuseum gives you the chance to discover nature and learn about the animals of Québec. Located on the island of Montréal and open all year long. The zoo houses more than 115 species of the Saint Laurent Valley including the famous Arctic fox.

Enjoy your stay in our wonderful city!

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