A cultural crossroads of North American, European and international immigrant lifestyles, Montreal really brings the whole world together in one vibrant city, on one dynamic island. So it’s no surprise that Montrealers take global awareness seriously. Though they may not be quite as progressive as their West Coast compatriots in Vancouver, you can be sure that environmental protection is a growing concern here.

Whether it’s about sourcing better food without pesticides, or using more earth conscious products made ethically from renewable resources, Montrealers have ample options. You’ll find health food stores throughout the city, as well as eco boutiques and shops offering refillable bulk goods with zero waste.

We believe that knowledge is power. And if you want to exercise your power as a conscious consumer, you need to know your options. So we’ve put together a short (and by no means exhaustive) list of some green eco-shops in the Montreal area.

Montreal health food stores for organic eating

La Coop Maison Verte

The Coop was initiated by a group of seven NDG residents.  They first met in 1998 to discuss ways for residents of NDG to become more self-reliant.  They were all driven by the same passion and convictions: to promote more responsible consumption and boost the local economy.

Today, the Coop has more than 10,000 members and is unquestionably one of the more dynamic stores on Sherbrook street West.  Its regular staff continues to work hard, strongly supported by the members, the customers and the general public. Together they are keeping this solidarity cooperative alive in NDG and offering a wide range of products and services that correspond to the needs of those who wish to adopt or have already adopted responsible and sustainable practices.

5785 Sherbrooke, NDG

(514) 489-8000


This is Montreal’s only all organic grocery store & delivery service.

Not only do they carry the finest and freshest available produce (fruits & veggies), they’re also famous for fresh meats, poultry and seafood. And all of it is certified organic.

The goal of this shop is to provide the freshest food available. They achieve this by bonding with many local organic farmers. They’ve developed more than a business relationship with these carefully chosen stewards of the land. These growers care as much about how they treat their land and livestock as you do about feeding your family.

Owners Deva & Jeff met with local organic farmers and set up a delivery service of ‘real green food’ right out of their garage. When the space got too tight they took their last few bucks and opened a little store on a residential street in N.D.G. Their small store is a cornucopia of the freshest food in town. And best of all, with their new online shopping site, the doors are open to you 24/7. Just sit back in the comfort of your favourite chair and browse the aisles. Pick up whatever looks good, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

6131 Monkland, NDG

(514) 486-2247

À Votre Santé

Catering to your needs and specializing in alternative health and nutrition, offering an abundance of options for those with specific allergies, ailments and lifestyles. Come in and experience the friendly and personalized shopping environment. The on-staff Homeopath, Herbalist and Naturopath, along with a whole knowledgeable team, are always here to answer your questions and give you up to date health information.

5126 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC

(514) 482-8233

Fair trade, eco boutiques and zero waste in Montreal

Épicerie LOCO Villeray

As a zero-waste ecological grocery store, LOCO is committed to providing a full range of food products and everyday, healthy, environmentally friendly and unpackaged products.

Addressing citizens concerned about their health and their ecological impact, LOCO offers a concrete solution to adopt a lean lifestyle, a healthy diet while encouraging a local economy.

With three locations in the Montreal area

  • LOCO Villeray: 422 Jarry, Montreal, Quebec, H2P 1V3  438.386.7345  (Jarry Subway)
  • LOCO Verdun: 4437 Wellington, Verdun (Quebec), H4G 1W6  438.476.4794  (Metro from Church and Verdun)
  • LOCO Brossard: 7800 boul. Taschereau, Brossard, Quebec, J4X 1V7  450.904.2577

Sampson Ecoshop was founded by a couple of real environmentalists, who developed systems for treating air, water and soil, polluted with very nasty chemicals. They wanted to continue their environmental mission at a residential level, by providing better choices for the home and body, so as to reduce the toxic burden that chemicals have on the body and the environment. So, after many years of research and development, Sampson Ecoshop was born.

Sampson is the world’s first customizable soap bar. Biodegradable cleaning products, sold on tap, and that have no risk to human health and the environment. They are products that actually work, and best of all they are made in Canada. By choosing Sampson products, cleaning products can be purchased naked (that’s what they are called because they have no fragrance or colour). But what’s really fun is that they are customizable, and you can chose from a menu of delicious fragrances, all phthalate free.

To top off the get green mission, plastic in the landfill is still a major concern. At Sampson Ecoshop, we took care of that issue by promoting recycling on site; bring back your bottle for a refill and we give you a rebate. So, refill, reuse, refill reuse.

168 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal

(514) 419-9902


The Éco-Boutique operates in addition to the services of the non-profit organization Éco de la Pointe-aux-Prairies, with the aim of providing local access to these types of products since 2018. This service is also set up to make citizens aware of zero-waste source reduction and lifestyle.

9140 Boul. Perras,  Rivière-des-Prairies, QC

(514) 648-9177


Since its creation in 2007, Respecterre is committed to “Wear the Future” by offering solutions to the problem of getting dressed in an eco-friendly way, while stimulating the local economy. They produce clothing made from alternative fibers like bamboo, eucalyptus and hemp.  The company is part of an ecovillage that was founded in Quebec in 1984. La Cite Ecologique is now one of the most important ecovillages in Canada.

“Wear the Future” is more than a motto, it is a concept embracing far beyond the question of ecological clothing and it even surpasses the concept of responsible consumption. La Cite Ecologique embodies a lifestyle where responsibility covers all aspects of being to reveal the path for a sustainable future.

A wholesale manufacturer with no store front.

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is more than a store. It’s a place where you can explore and connect with your global village.

From communities throughout the developing world, every inspired design is crafted with love using local materials (usually natural or recycled) and time-honoured skills by makers we have known and worked with for years.

Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.

We offer a way for you to become part of the story, to shop your values and give gifts with meaning.

  • Monkland Village, 5675 Monkland, NDG
  • Pointe Claire, 290 Bord du Lac
  • Montreal St. Denis, 4128 St. Denis

L’Escale Vert

L’Ecale Vert aims to educate the public about the health and environmental benefits of using eco-friendly products. To meet this goal, they offer products that encourage Fair Trade practices. They source as many local products as possible to reduce the impact of transportation and packaging. They also provide a range of bulk, reusable and zero waste products to minimize environmental impacts.

  • 10416, rue Lajeunesse, Montreal (514) 447-6232
  • 5765, boul. Gouin Ouest, Montréal (514) 856-9053


Klova is a boutique located in the heart of Montreal that offers a range of natural and eco-friendly products.

Our mission is to help you transition to a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and help you reinforce your already established good habits. To do this, we make sure to offer you a variety of quality and affordable products with at least one of the following characteristics: Health, Ecological and Socially Responsible.

That’s why we make sure to offer products that do not contain “toxic” chemical (or natural) ingredients, that are not tested on animals, and we choose suppliers with values ​​similar to ours. .

At Klova, we also ensure that the majority of our products come from local suppliers!

4522, Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

(514) 379-3221

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