Why are there so many health food stores and eco-boutiques in Vancouver?

Well, if you know anything about North American geopolitics, then you probably know that the West Coast is sometimes referred to as the Left Coast. That’s because the Pacific Coast is teeming with vegetarians, yogis, chiropractors, transvestites and tree huggers. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggerated stereotype, but it’s not entirely unfounded.

Meanwhile, if you know much about Canadian culture, then you know it’s one of the most politically progressive nations in the industrial world. So add two and two, and it adds up to Vancouver, British Columbia, being one of the most liberal and environmentally conscious big cities on the globe.

If you’re moving to Vancouver or just visiting, and hoping to maintain a low carbon footprint, you should be pleasantly surprised by the variety of eco-friendly shopping options. So to make your eco-conscious lifestyle even easier, we’ve compiled this list of fabulous green stores that you can support in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Vancouver health food stores for organic eating

Sweet Cherubim Organic and Natural Foods Store

From their website:

Sweet Cherubim Organic and Natural Food Store, Bakery, and Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant was founded in 1980 by Kulwant Bagga and family, with the motto that if we buy bulk, make and package products ourselves we can give people better quality food for better prices. We are here to provide delicious and nutritious foods to our customers, satisfying employment to our staff and to serve our community through promoting good health and clean living.

More than half of what sells in Sweet Cherubim is manufactured or grown in British Columbia. A lot is manufactured right in-store. For example, bread, cookies, granola and many candies. This means low prices for you and more benefits to the local economy.

At Sweet Cherubim buying organic & natural food is easy, inexpensive, and our friendly staff are always available to help you.

1105 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

(604) 253-0969

Garden Health Foods

Garden Health has served the lively West End community and beyond, for 38 years. Consultants who care is our motto. Our mandate is to provide honest, helpful, practical assistance targeting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our broad base of loyal customers. We strive to be your trusted neighbourhood nutrition source, offering you guidance on all your natural health product needs; we have always taken pride in providing customers with selection, service and quality. We have been trusted to deliver honest information and high quality products at fair value. Come in and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and allow our team to guide you to making educated and informed health choices.

1204 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

(604) 688-4325

Choices Market

Since opening our first store in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood on December 3rd, 1990, Choices has remained committed to natural and organic food retailing. From the beginning, we began drawing a loyal clientele who loved our commitment to green retailing.

While establishing a presence as a natural, organic grocer, Choices also gained recognition as an advocate of supporting the great number of BC dedicated food producers. Over the years, the lasting relationships that Choices has built with local food producers are more than simply buy-and-sell transactions; they run much deeper. We set aside time to get to know the people who grow and produce the local foods that go home with Choices’ customers.

Choices has been a strong supporter of not only the farmers and food makers, but also local organizations that work toward building healthy, sustainable communities, whether through food, education, health or environmental initiatives. At the core, we believe that it takes more than good food to build strong communities.

With 11 locations in the Vancouver area.

Natural fibers and home boutiques in Vancouver

Devil May Wear

Devil May Wear is Vancouver based clothing and accessory company. With two brick and mortar locations, online orders and wholesale to other boutiques around the world we endeavour to share our philosophy that ethical apparel is also just more fun! Established in 2003 by Stephanie Ostler, we strive to make luxurious items that don’t sacrifice fashion, fit or ethics to bring you a beautiful product you can love for a long time.

Locally made is our number one priority and so we cut and sew most of our products in our Main Street studio near Science World in downtown Vancouver. The rest is made by our front line staff in one of our 2 shops located in The Net Loft in Granville Island (Vancouver) and on East 21st. Ave just off of Main Street. (Vancouver). Our fabrics currently come from around the world but we always choose as local as possible when possible. Unfortunately it is not always an option so we will follow it with what is the best for your body and your lifestyle where ever it is from. We also believe that by controlling all of our production we can insure the best quality we are capable of and good local jobs that contribute to our local economy. Note we are hand made and discrepancies between products is due to small runs and hands on techniques. We do not view small discrepancies as flaws in anyway, rather they are part of what makes each item entirely unique.

1666 Johnston Street, The Net Loft on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

198 East 21 st. Ave. (just off Main Street), Vancouver, BC

(604) 216-2515

I.O.N. – It’s Only Natural

It’s Only Natural, featuring Hemp and Company Essentials. Since 1999, Hemp and Company has been making comfortable, natural clothing that doesn’t cost the earth. Our H&C brand is Made in Canada using only the finest imported hemp/organic cotton – the best our planet has to offer for your comfort, your conscience, and our environment. Visit i.O.N eco-stores at

1535 Johnston St,Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

1312 Government St, in downtown Victoria, BC

Blue Sky Clothing

Blue Sky Clothing Co started out of the back of a VW van at the Balfour Ferry Landing over 20 years ago. Created by Marilyn Cobban, the aim of Blue Sky was to help women of all sizes and body types find beautiful, wearable fashions they could feel comfortable in. Since then, we have expanded to 9 locations in BC and ship garments all over the world.

As a fair trade company we strive to ensure that everyone in the Blue Sky family, from our fabric cutters in Bali to our inventory manager in Vancouver, is treated with care and respect.

Our clothing is created using exclusively natural fibers, including bamboo, cotton, wool, and modal sourced from beech trees. Not only do these fabrics feel wonderful on the skin, but they are also less harmful to manufacture and create longer lasting garments.

With 9 locations in British Columbia

(604) 363-6664

My Little Green Shop

My Little Green Shop is a hip, e-boutique geared for eco-conscious families. We carry hundreds of healthy and environmentally sustainable products such as: VOC-free storage options (shelves and benches), organic swaddle blankets and baby/toddler bedding, organic baby slings and cotton diapers, organic buckwheat nursing pillows, organic clothing and accessories for babies and children, non-toxic toys made from sustainably grown wood and organic materials, European-made rainwear that is free from harmful chemicals, organic bath and body products, bamboo eating utensils, stanless steel and glass food containers that are free from BPA and phthalates, stylish bags, stationery made from recycled material, natural herbal pet remedies and tons more. We are based downtown Vancouver, BC.

No store front. Warehouse is at 704-1010 Burnaby Street, Vancouver, BC

(604) 731-8404

Second Nature Home Boutique

Second Nature Home is a retail space entirely focused on eco-friendly, organic products for the home—helping you transform your home into a natural sanctuary. The shop offers one-stop eco-shopping with distinctive, sustainable products—a unique mix of locally-sourced home essentials and curated decorative arts.

Second Nature Home’s triple bottomline builds locals jobs, enhances community through its Clean for a Cause school fundraising program and positively impacts the local environment and awareness-raising partnerships.

As a socially responsible company, Second Nature provides valuable skills development opportunities and mentoring for immigrant women, and supports community ecological activity. Conveniently situated on Commercial Street, the store is easily accessible by transit, bicycle or on foot, with ample local parking. Our space is easy to navigate with a stroller, and we welcome persons with special accessibility needs.

3565 Commercial Street, Vancouver, BC

(604) 655-8872

Zero Waste Refill Stores — Bring your own container!


We’re working hard for a just food system, one that supports a thriving local economy and connects people with their food.

We make it easy to shop. Just fill up your containers (or use ours if you forget yours!) and buy as little or as much as you need. Want three eggs instead of a dozen? Go for it! One sprig of cilantro instead of the whole bunch? You bet! Our goal is to empower shoppers (like you!) to decrease food waste and unnecessary packaging, making your food experience more enjoyable and less wasteful.

675 East Broadway @ Fraser, Vancouver, BC

(778) 806-3783

Greens Organic & Natural Market

Greens Organic + Natural Market gives you an alternative for organic produce, premium meats, baked goods, fresh seafood, health products and more-all conveniently located at West Broadway and Maple St.

Sure, we’re butchers, grocery managers and cashiers, but we’re also proud members of your community. We sell healthy, environmentally-friendly products because we care about our families, our friends and ourselves.

Like you, we’re committed to limiting our impact on the environment by buying locally, composting and recycling. In fact, we’re one of the first grocery stores to take on Metro Vancouver’s Zero waste challenge.

Plus, we’re 100% Canadian owned and operated, so going green has never felt better!

1978 West Broadway @ Maple, Vancouver, BC

(604) 568-3079

The Soap Dispensary

The Soap Dispensary (est. 2011) is Vancouver’s first dedicated refill shop specializing in premium soaps, household cleaners, personal care products, DIY ingredients and fine edibles. We also carry quality lifestyle goods that support zero waste living. In 2017, we opened Kitchen Staples, Vancouver’s first zero waste grocery store right next door. We have now grown to about 800 bulk products for refilling.

Refilling containers keeps single-use plastics out of landfills, watersheds and energy-intensive recycling systems. Bring your own, or purchase one of our reusable containers and have them refilled again and again. Our products are biodegradable and selected for minimal impact on human and environmental health. For those who have children or sensitivities or allergies, there are many options that are gentle and scent-free. We strive to bring pure, local, organic and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible.

As a small, independent shop, we feel lucky to work with so many socially and environmentally responsible businesses that are based right in Greater Vancouver. At last count, 65% of our suppliers are locally owned and 80% of our soaps are locally made.

3718 Main, Vancouver, BC

(604) 568-3141

Responsible Waste Disposal in Vancouver

The Zero Waste Centre

The Vancouver Zero Waste Centre (formerly the Recycling Depot) provides a convenient location for residents to drop off a wide range of materials for reuse and recycling, free of charge, including materials:

  • Requiring special handling to protect the environment, such as batteries and propane tanks
  • In larger quantities than your curbside bins can hold, particularly if you are moving or doing seasonal cleaning

8588 Yukon Street, Vancouver, BC

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Photo Credit: Devil May Wear