French Schools in British Columbia

When you relocate to Canada, you may choose the right province for you depending on the work opportunities, or the language. If your children are already in a French-speaking school, or don’t speak English, it can be difficult for you to move to an English speaking province. But don’t worry, in Canada, being a [...]

School Transportation in Montreal

Introducing David, our new blogger, who is writing this week about school transportation: welcome on board! You are certainly worried about letting your children go to school on their own, moreover in a city where you just moved and that you don’t know. What means of transport will they use? How much will it [...]

International Schooling in Montreal: Zoom on CIMF

The College International Marie de France located on Queen Mary between the metro stations Snowdon and Cote-des-Neiges is an elite French school for students from nursery school to high school, which creates a stimulating international community for relocated children. Our favorite young French expat Camille spent two years here and her international schooling experience [...]