The College International Marie de France (CIMF) located on Queen Mary between the metro stations Snowdon and Cote-des-Neiges is an elite French school for students from nursery school to high school, which creates a stimulating international community for relocated children. Our favorite young French expat Camille spent two years here and her international schooling experience was amazing.

“I’ve been moving around the world a lot, and have been in many different schools but Marie de France is my favorite of all.

The quality of education is excellent, and the students are properly supervised, contrary to what sometimes happens in the Quebec system. The teachers have always been here for us, and we knew that we could count on them. The majority of teachers and students are well-travelled which makes everyone really open-minded. And maybe that’s why there is such a good atmosphere in the school, and why children are getting along so well with their teachers.

The success rates at CIMF are particularly high, even for a French school. Most of the students who have graduated from there seem to have less difficulty than students from CEGEP or any other Canadian school. In high school, as in all French schools, you can choose between three profiles: scientific, economic, and literary. As you must know, in Quebec’s school system, students finish high school one year later than French students; therefore they may have a little bit more knowledge. But, in Marie de France, there are additional classes to offer students that supplementary knowledge.

The cultural life at Marie de France is incredibly developed thanks to the staff. All year round, students can perform on different shows like the Talent Show or the Cabaret. There are theatre shows, fashion shows, circus shows… There are also many other activities and clubs: for example, the chess club and the debate club. Adding to that, a lot of sports such as soccer, badminton, ping-pong, basketball, handball, hockey, swimming, volleyball and fencing can be practiced for pleasure or for competition. The school organizes events for students, teachers, and parents, such as the wine & cheese event, the poker night, the white-dress party, and much more.

At the end of the first year of high school, and also of the last year, the students are in charge of the organization of Prom Night. They have to raise money during the year for this special event. All the animation around the preparation contributes to the amazing atmosphere in the school.

All of these combine to give birth to a dynamic community and ambience.”

For more information on CIMF’s curriculum, fees, rankings and activities, consult their website.

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