No Time to Hate: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Canada is a nation that prides itself on ethnic tolerance and cultural diversity. With that comes the importance of educating and reminding people of, not only some of humanity's greatest triumphs, but also some of its darkest atrocities. So with this noble goal in mind, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was established in [...]

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10 things to do in Montréal

Is it your first stay in Montréal? There are so many things to do in Montréal, so here is a short list of some places that you must see! Vieux-Montréal: The Vieux-Montréal is a historic district bordered by the impressive Saint Lawrence River. There are several important public places like the park Champ-de-Mars, Place [...]

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The EcoMuseum, Montréal

We have already talked about the activities, different aspects of culture and about the province of Québec in general, but what about its wildlife? Montréal's EcoMuseum gives you the chance to discover nature and learn about the animals of Québec! Located on the island of Montréal and open all year long (except the 25 December), [...]

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