We have already talked about the activities, different aspects of culture and about the province of Québec in general, but what about its wildlife?

Montréal’s EcoMuseum gives you the chance to discover nature and learn about the animals of Québec! Located on the island of Montréal and open all year long (except the 25 December), this zoo is open from 9am to 5pm, the ticket price : $17,25 (for full-paying adults).

The zoo houses more than 115 species of the Saint Laurent Valley including the famous Arctic fox.

The EcoMuseum is open throughout the winter, which means you can see the animals in their natural environments (the species are all native to Québec too). In winter, you can wrap up warm and see if you can catch a glimpse of the woodland Caribou, one of Québec’s most iconic animals.

Profit-making is not the main purpose of the EcoMuseum, which exists principally to preserve species in Québec. As a non-profit organisation, the zoo relies on donations and volunteering:

  • Donation: you can give a certain amount of money when you want; one time or several times on several months.
  • Planned giving : you can also leave of legacy, bequest or life insurance
  • Gift of security: you are allowed to give some shares!
  • Sponsoring: if you love animals and can help to fund their care, according to the level of your sponsoring, the zoo will reward you with a special gift or free tickets.

The government has introduced a new legislation concerning the donation in Québec, with these four methods you can gain percentages back on your taxes, follow this link for more information.

For complete details, including hours and entrance fees, you can visit the EcoMuseum website.

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