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Where to live when moving to Canada

Moving to Canada might be the biggest decision of your life. And we'd like to think it's also the best decision of your life. Canada is an incredible country, filled with wonderful people, natural beauty, economic opportunity and political stability. But that doesn't mean moving there will be easy. You may encounter obstacles, and you [...]

Best Books on Moving to Canada

For some people, moving to another country can be something like a dream. A fantasy of adventure, new experiences, a better way of life. But without the proper preparation, moving abroad can also turn into a logistical nightmare. In some cases, the legal paperwork and bureaucratic procedure can be formidable. But even if the [...]

Tips for Packing a Container to Canada

When you are relocating to Canada, packing a container full of your belongings is an important part of your move, and can be stressful. Don’t worry! There are many options available to help make shipping a container to Canada simple and easy for you. Read over some of these tips for packing a container [...]

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