If you’re planning a move into, out of, or across Canada, there’s a good chance you’ll need to hire a moving company. Maybe you’ve got a brother-in-law with remarkably broad shoulders and an unusually strong back. Or maybe you have a circle of buddies who will work for beer and peanuts. But when it’s time to pack and move your worldly possessions safely from one home to another, you want to be certain that your belongings are in capable, careful hands.

In Canada’s larger cities, the populations are nearly 50 percent immigrants. It’s no surprise then to find that there are hoards of moving companies working to meet the needs of this international populace. And as with any other industry, you’ll find a range of price and quality among the competition. You’ll need to perform your due diligence, therefore, to find the moving company that’s best for you: timely, reliable and affordable.

With your best interests in mind, we’ve prepared this impartial directory of moving companies in Canada. None of these companies have paid to be included in the list, and ARIANNE receives NO commissions based on your selections.

Canadian Moving Companies (by Province)


As Canada’s biggest city, a great number of the country’s moving companies are based in Toronto. But in fact, most of these companies provide moving services all over Canada.

Augusta Movers: A local company with an excellent reputation for helping people and businesses move into, out of and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). (647) 783-8730

Carefree Moving: A highly rated company, specializing in residential moves in and around Toronto and Ontario. (416) 848-4561

Elite GTA Movers: Professional services for commercial and residential moves in Toronto and across the country. (647) 875-1302

Expert Moving Mississauga: A highly reputable moving company for homes and offices in and around Toronto, also offering long distance service. (905) 773-7171

Hunt Family Movers: A full-service, family-owned moving company based in the GTA. (705) 331-6959

Miracle Movers: Based in Toronto with multiple offices in Canada and providing professional moving services all across the country. (800) 915-0663

Ottawa Pro Movers: A well-respected moving company covering all the Ottawa-Gatineau area while also servicing the entire provinces of Quebec and Ontario. (613) 759-2070

Royal Canadian Van Lines: One of the largest and most highly rated moving companies in Canada, for local and local distance. Operating throughout the country and also providing moving services between Canada and the United States. (647) 677-9814

Smart Movers Canada: A professional moving company based in Toronto, offering local and long distance moving services. (647) 955-7177

Transline Moving: Local and long distance moving services to and from the GTA. (416) 628-5336

Transportationly: Residential and commercial moving services for Toronto and the rest of Canada. (844) TRUCK24


Canada’s Leading Van Lines: Based in Calgary and serving all of Canada with additional offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Offering domestic and international moving services for individuals and corporate. (888) 280-2328

Cargo Movers Canada:  A Calgary company with professional moving services for residential and commercial moves throughout Canada. (855) 206-9407


Aris Moving: Local and long distance moves to and from Surrey, B.C., and the surrounding areas. (778) 986-4436

Green’s Moving Solutions: A family-owned moving and storage company serving Vancouver and the rest of Canada. (604) 561-2632

Homeland Moving and Logistics: A professional moving company in Vancouver offering local, long distance and cross-border moves between Canada and the U.S. (604) 273-4794

Okanagan Packing and Moving: Based in Kelowna, B.C., and offering moving services throughout Canada. (250) 808-3485


Miller the Mover: Based north of Winnipeg, the first choice of moving companies for the northern prairies, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. (204) 778-6988


Antonio Moving: Professional moving and storage company serving Montreal and the surrounding areas. (514) 562-1088

Bust a Move Moving: Based in Montreal, providing commercial, residential, local and long-distance moving services. (866) 922-0001

Flex Déménagement:  Moving, storage and deliver services in Montreal and throughout Canada. (514) 692-6657

Déménagement 7 étoiles: Residential and commercial moving in Montreal and beyond. (514) 581-8337

Moving with ARIANNE

Here at ARIANNE Relocation, we’ve been helping families and professionals get situated in Canada for more than 20 years. We guide our clients through the labyrinth of relocation, helping them to understand the local real estate markets, locate the best schools and daycare options for their children, and navigate the bureaucracy of residence and registration in their new land. We specialize in these relocation services, and we are firm believers in the idea that people and businesses should stick with what they do best.

We are experts in what we do, but we are not an immigration law office or a moving company. So if you’re looking for a licensed immigration attorney or a moving company, that’s not what we do, but we can definitely help you find what you need. And because we are not directly affiliated with those companies, we’ll never run into a conflict of interest. Instead, our priority is to help our clients make the best, most well-informed decisions they can.

At ARIANNE, we want your transition to Canada to be easy, smooth and hassle-free. We have a range of products and services to make that possible, including a series of comprehensive Online Relocation Guides that will give you all the tools you need to arrange a flawless move to Canada.

PHOTO CREDIT: Frank McKenna (Unsplash)