Language laws for business in Montréal and Québec

Welcome to Montréal, where French and North American cultures come together like pancakes and maple syrup. Yes, it's a beautiful case of international fusion. But just like a jug of syrup, it can sometimes get messy. And nowhere is that mess more evident than in the language laws of Québec. For all practical purposes, [...]

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12 Tech Companies you didn’t know were based in Canada

Social stability and economic prosperity are two reasons why skilled workers and tech giants are flocking to Canada to set up shop and advance their positions in the global marketplace. Toronto and Vancouver have turned into major technology hubs in recent years, and Montreal has earned a reputation as the artificial intelligence capital of [...]

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Moving to Canada as an Entrepreneur or Skilled Worker: Economic Mobility

For entrepreneurs moving to Canada and Canadian businesses wanting to bring skilled labor into the country, the opportunities have never been greater. As the country ramps up its immigration numbers, policy makers are finding more and more ways to lure skilled workers, attract foreign investment, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. The following article will [...]

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Why You Should Conduct a Relocation Pre-Decision Assessment

International relocation is here to stay. Companies opt to relocate employees to gain competitive advantages, like expanding foreign markets, training employees on international trade, and improve relationships with foreign clients, and share technical and managerial expertise. But these benefits can quickly be undone if costly employee relocations fail. Initially, your employees may be excited [...]

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Visas for Business Relocation to Canada

If you are interested in business relocation to Canada, it is important to be informed about the different types of visas for business relocation so that you can apply through the program that is right for you. While visa programs can be confusing, the information below covers the basic requirements for a number of [...]

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Economic context in Toronto

If you want to settle in Toronto to develop your professional skills, you will feel right at home! It is the economic engine of this country and has a population of about 6 million inhabitants. The economic area of Toronto is very strong and has historically shown consistent signs of growth. The Financial sector: [...]

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