Economic context in Toronto

If you want to settle in Toronto to develop your professional skills, you will feel right at home!

It is the economic engine of this country and has a population of about 6 million inhabitants. The economic area of Toronto is very strong and has historically shown consistent signs of growth.

The Financial sector: Toronto is currently the leader in the banking market, financial and trade in Canada. The TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX) is the largest stock exchange in Canada, and is also the third largest stock exchange in North America. The five head offices of Canada’s largest banks are also in Toronto, so if you’re looking for a career in the financial sector, this is the city for you!

The Technology and Innovation sector: Since 2004, the centers of the buildings enjoy an innovative refrigeration power through heat pumps powered by Lake Ontario. Toronto is Canada’s largest technology center and the third largest in North America. 13,000 companies are active in Toronto in the technology sector. If your field is Innovation and Technology, do not wait, Toronto is the city that you have always dreamed of!

The Medical sector: If your profession is medicine, you will love this town. Toronto, like Montréal, is a major center for scientific and medical research in Canada with major hospitals that are internationally recognized, such as “Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre” or “Centre for Addiction and Mental Health”.

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