Top 5 Free Food Festivals in Toronto

While most people come to Toronto to visit the events from a usual before-you-die list, like Toronto International Film Festival or St Patrick’s Day Parade, we suggest you attend the festivals with something actually worth dying for — the food. Here is the list of the top Food Festivals in Toronto you will be [...]

Pigging Out in Hogtown: The Best Restaurants of Toronto

As Canada’s biggest city, and the fifth largest city in North America, it’s well worth our time to consider the best restaurants of Toronto. But first, the title. If you’re not from around here, you may not be familiar with Toronto’s nickname (one of many, actually). The name “Hogtown” probably dates back to when [...]

Economic context in Toronto

If you want to settle in Toronto to develop your professional skills, you will feel right at home! It is the economic engine of this country and has a population of about 6 million inhabitants. The economic area of Toronto is very strong and has historically shown consistent signs of growth. The Financial sector: [...]

Different neighbourhoods of Toronto

The city of Toronto is located in the province of Ontario; it's the fifth most populous city in North America. Toronto is considered to be the economic capital of Canada. As many North American cities, Toronto is divided geometrically; its borders are formed by Lake Ontario to the south.

Art in the Toronto Subway

Being Canada’s largest city and the fifth most populous one in North America, Toronto’s subway is extremely useful when travelling within the city. Toronto’s subway has evolved within time to become more and more art oriented. Although you might be in a hurry in Toronto’s subway, try to allow yourself some quality time to enjoy its art installations!

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