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Montréal is a city of culture, and one of its many attributes is that it has plenty of libraries, or bibliothèques. Wherever you live in city, there will be a library close to you…a joy to hear for all you book-lovers out there!

Once you’re settled in a neighbourhood, or borough, you can find your local public library by searching on the Ville de Montréal’s Montréal Public Libraries Network website. There are 67 public libraries in total throughout Montréal, and all are sites for reading and learning, providing access to knowledge and information.

In order to borrow documents, books and DVDs from the libraries for free, you must own a Library membership card. The membership card is free for residents of Montréal and is valid for either 12 or 24 months. Do take note that the membership card is not only valid for your borough’s library, but for all libraries within the Montréal Public Libraries Network. In order to obtain a Library membership card, to renew your membership, or change your address, you must bring proof of residence and identity (e.g. municipal tax, telephone or electricity bill, driver’s license or school report card).

A lot of activities are organized in libraries, for everyone and anyone to take part in! There are, for example, reading workshops for children to help them discover the magic of the books, and also for adults who want to share their passion. Computer courses are given in some libraries for free for those who may need it. Libraries are an integral part of community life within Montréal, even collaborating with other recreation centers in the city.

If you want to have access to other resources, you can also go to the BAnQ (National Library and Archives of Quebec, or Bibliothèque et Archives National du Québec). This library holds an impressive amount of documentation pertaining to almost any subject you can think of, with a significant amount of information about the province of Québec. The BAnQ is located near Berri-UQAM metro station in downtown Montréal and is open every day of the week except on Monday. You can find access details here.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing book or reliable information on a specific subject, you will find what you need in Montréal thanks to the city’s endless resources.

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