Getting a driver’s licence in Québec

In Québec, like everywhere else, there are laws to follow if you want to drive. If you have just arrived in Québec from another country or province and already have a driver’s licence, you just need to exchange it at the SAAQ or pass an exam. For more information about the exchange, read our [...]

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Weather 101: Prepping your car for winter

Sure, it’s been merely a week since Halloween, and officially winter will only start on December 22nd, but let’s face it, winter really is just round the corner: see the temperatures forecasted for next week! Whether or not it’s your first year in Canada, there are a few things you need to know to [...]

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How to get a driver’s licence exchange in Québec

As I already mentioned, Quebec might have different highway rules than the ones of your country. Some might decide that they don't need a car as public transports are very convenient, but others might need a car for their work, personal life or just because they are used to driving and want to keep this habit. According to your home country, regulations will apply, and you might be able to get a driver's license exhange.

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