St Patrick’s Day in Montréal

Who has never heard of St. Patrick’s Day? This Irish culture festival brings together thousands of people dressed in green to celebrate Patrick the missionary.

Like in many countries (especially English-speaking countries), St. Patrick is a special day, and it’s something to celebrate in Canada! It usually falls on a weekday, but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying it.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 March in the evening, and the parades in Montréal and Toronto are held on the closest Sunday to 17 March, in a festive atmosphere to help to warm everyone up during this cold time of year.

The parade in Montréal takes place downtown. For one day, everyone comes together and forms a big family to celebrate a moment of relaxation in a cheerful and friendly environment. It is an important celebration in Canada, and many politicians and celebrities congregate with the crowd during the parade, which lasts about 3 hours. To celebrate this event, here is a list of the bars with the best atmospheres in Montréal, where you will feel truly Irish!

  • McKibbin’s Irish Pub (1426 Bishop Street)
  • McLean’s Pub (1210 Peel Street)
  • Bières et compagnie (4350 Saint Denis Street)
  • Le Saint Houblon (1567 Saint Denis Street)
  • Le Irish Embassy Pub et Grill (1234 Bishop Street)

It is worth noting that the price of food and beers generally increases on this busy day, but it’s still a good reason to go drinking… in moderation. Still, despite the higher prices, you’ll have a great time during this cultural festival and colourful parade. Mark your calendar: 17 March!

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