////Another relocation solution: The International Schools Database

Another relocation solution: The International Schools Database

Finding the right school for your kids can be tricky. Finding the right school for your kids in a new city or a foreign country can be frustrating, confusing, and exasperating. For the last two decades, we here at ARIANNE Relocation have helped thousands of families manage this challenging process of researching, comparing and deciding. And now we are delighted to tell you about the International Schools Database, which has been providing an elegant solution to this growing problem faced by expat families all over the world.

The International Schools Database is committed to making this process of decision and selection as straightforward as possible. Through their website, users can search for schools in several dozen cities across four continents, with a total of more than 1,600 international schools. Currently, the only Canadian city in their database is Toronto. (Take a look HERE.) Searches can be tailored according to various criteria, specifically what is most important to you. Are you looking for an English speaking school? Do you have a child with special needs? Are they involved in extra-curricular activities? And what about the cost of tuition?

Based on your preferences and priorities, the database will produce a list of schools that most closely match your needs. The list is then presented in a way that makes the comparison clear and easy. The International Schools Database has a tremendous store of information, painstakingly collected by contacting each school individually, thereby saving you an enormous amount of footwork. And the system makes it easy for you to read and understand that data, and to make a well informed decision about how to provide your children with the best quality of education based on your values and interests.

For more advice to help you make an international move with children, check out this popular blog article HERE. We also have an article about international schooling in Montreal, HERE.

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