German Schools in Canada

You are a citizen of a German speaking country and may be soon transferring to Canada or you already arrived here with your family. Your children have the school-going age and you are concerned about their education, especially if you consider them to continue their school and educational career in Europe later.

Our response is: no need to worry!

All over the country there are German schools offering languages courses and different types of German education.

The Canadian Association of German Language Schools offers a great overview of German language schools. The main focus of these schools is to teach the German language: vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. In addition to these, there are a few schools teaching about German history, geography and culture.

If you are looking for a German educational program, with the possibility to do the “German Abitur” at the end, you should contact the Alexander von Humboldt Schule in Montreal. For the moment it is the only school in Canada offering the full German educational program.

However, the German International School of Toronto provides a mixed curriculum of the German and Canadian educational programs from the first to the ninth grade. An expansion up to grade 12 is scheduled for the school year 2013∕2014.

Willkommen in Kanada!

Link to video: German School Winnipeg, Canada

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