Why do the French choose Montreal?

Why do so many French people choose to immigrate to Montreal?

Is it for a taste of fresh air away from old Europe while still keeping a foot in France? Is it for its green spaces infested with mysterious and very cute squirrels that crowd our digital camera memories upon our arrival?  Or is it for the pleasure of hearing another accent, which is as fascinating as a Marseille-accent for a Parisian?

It is certainly a mix of all of the above and lots more.

Montreal being the far away cousin, proud to be the second biggest francophone city in the world and so amazing will to stay just as such amongst a close Anglophone presence.

Having immigrated to Montreal myself 4 years ago, I know my reasons very well for having chosen it.

Franco-Quebecor agreements facilitate immigration procedures to Quebec, it truly is a considerable asset.  The ways to immigrate to Montreal are numerous and well detailed by the Quebec Immigration Bureau (http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/index.html).

And upon arrival we are quickly relieved by our choice, with the very warm welcome from the customs’ officers « Welcome in Quebec! »

Reasons are multiplied when we discover the welcome and organization of governmental services, of the ease to find a lovely home at very reasonable rents and the ease to integrate in this metropolis that offers such charming corners with a cosy neighbourhood feel.

In my next blog entries, we will see various subjects such as immigrate to Montreal, living in Montreal, relocating in Montreal and will go deeper into the home search in Montreal, schools in Montreal, Montreal’s medical system, etc.

I do hope I have given you interest to read my next blog entries that will be filled with advice and tricks.

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Dorothée was raised as an expatriate child and has lived on four different continents, leaving with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share on the dos and don'ts of successfully relocating to Canada.

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