Here you are! Canada! You’ve always wanted (or maybe not but well, now you are here…) to come to the green provinces, see the lakes, bears and spend hours driving on endlessly roads, welcome!

You have to know that in Canada, people recycle! Not only the landscapes are green, but so are the Canadians!

In Montreal, recycling is compulsory since 2007 and Canadians seem to cope with it with no difficulty as, in 2007, 98% of the population who had access to recycling did recycle! (Statistiques Canada).

I can still remember the first time a friend came to my place (a Quebecer) and shouted at me when I made the mistake of putting a fruit wrapping paper in my garbage… “You don’t recycle????”

“Well…I do recycle; I am maybe just a bit less picky…”

I understood, by the look on his face, that you can’t mess with recycling in Canada (pun intended).

Indeed, in Canada, there are two different kinds of garbage: the traditional garbage and the recycling bag.

The traditional garbage is where you put everything that is dirty. When you recycle, you put anything that can be recycled (ok this one was easy) in a transparent bag: all the bottles, containers, cans…have to be cleaned before being put in the recycling bag.

Ok it sounds easy written this way, but there are items for which it is not easy to decide whether it has to go to the garbage or recycling bag.

So, when you come to Canada, once you have all your documents, you know what you have to do: get recycling bags!

Photo credits: Unsplash