Travelling in Canada by boat

From the west to the east side, Canada’s rivers offer vast opportunities of discovering the country by boat. Indeed, Canada has a lot of large rivers; they discharge nearly 9% of the world’s renewable water supply.

Being on the St Lawrence in Quebec or on Campbell River in British Columbia; there are many ways of discovering Canada, floating on the water.

A lot of companies offer to travel on the St Lawrence, with many possible cruises and trips: going to Tadoussac and discover Saguenay bay, the Cap-aux-Meules, Prince Edward island,… All of them are  very singular ways of discovering the province of Quebec.

You also have the possibility of travelling on St Lawrence to go to Quebec City, once there, some companies offer to stay a night in the city (aml offers to spend the night in Fairmont le Château Frontenac). This option provides interesting features as the boat is equipped with several dining rooms and terraces, a bistro snack and a bar.

Cruise West gives you the opportunity of travelling from St John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador to Halifax in Nova Scotia. This cruise stops at several places of interest such as St Pierre et Miquelon, Harrington Harbor or Quebec City. This cruise and many others can be found here.

You can also discover Magdalen Islands; they form a small achipelago made of nine major islands and numerous islets. Magdalen Islands are highly appreciated for the fine sandy beaches which are easilly reachable; you can also enjoy several activities. The cruises going to Magdalen Islands often stop at Quebec and Chandler; some companies such as CTMA offer to travel by boat for a week, letting people free of discovering the several places where they stop, the way they want to.

If you prefer travelling on the west side of Canada, there are several options too. You can discover British columbia’s landcapes with Ocean Adventures; they offer different cruises according to the seasons; you can see the fiorland in June or August and the North coast. During an entire week, discover animal life and lush vegetation: you might see some grizzly or black bears and enjoy some kayak along the shoreline.

If you want to enjoy smaller cruises around Vancouver island, there are many possibilities. There are excursions to the black bear, to see snow goose or to remote locations on the British Columbia and Alaska coasts. You can find more information contacting the company called small ship cruises.

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