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Montreal has a lot to offer as far as real estate is concerned. However, the city can be a bit noisy if you want to live a family life. Even though many areas of Montreal are pleasant, certain districts of suburban Montreal, such as Montreal West, can be especially nice.

Montreal West is a suburban area located 15 minutes from downtown Montreal. The area is still on the island of Montreal; which means not that far from the city centre.

If you choose to buy or rent a house in this neighborhood, don’t be afraid to be too far away from the rest of Montreal as, you can easily be downtown by train or bus.

Montreal West is a small, close-knit suburban community made up primarily of single family houses. In 2007 the average price for a single family house was $460,000.

A lot of side-by-side houses are built in the neighbourhood; bringing a village and warm touch to the area.

Montreal West is notable for having Quebec’s most highly rated Anglophone schools.

The area has a large number of neighbourhood parks and public spaces where people tend to relax and have a walk. Family houses are not far from these parks, what makes the area even more appreciable.

Houses in Montreal West are very family oriented as they are usually spacious and refined.

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