Winter in Montréal 101: How to dress for the cold

Canadians are world-renowned for being nice. But Canadian winters? That’s a different story. In Montréal especially, the winters can be mean, freezing, and occasionally, hilariously cruel. So if you’re planning a move to the Great White North, and Montréal in particular, here’s a step-by-step for getting the perfect gear for the winter season ahead. Please [...]

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Weather 101: Prepping your car for winter

Sure, it’s been merely a week since Halloween, and officially winter will only start on December 22nd, but let’s face it, winter really is just round the corner: see the temperatures forecasted for next week! Whether or not it’s your first year in Canada, there are a few things you need to know to [...]

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Snow clearing in Montréal

There are many joys to be had during the long, cold Canadian winters...think ice-skating, skiing and cosy nights by the fire. With the cold, and abundant snow that follows, there is one task which may not fill you with as much happiness: snow clearing. If you have never touched a snow shovel in your [...]

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