Finding the Right Daycare in Montreal: The Way to Go (2/2)

Last week we were giving you parent-to-parent insights on the daycare system in Quebec and how to choose the right type of provider. Today we offer young parents relocating to Montreal step-by-step advice and strategy to help you overcome the shortage of daycare spots and to find just the right provider for your children. [...]

CPE, Private, Family: Choosing the Right Daycare in Quebec (1/2)

Dear parents relocating to Quebec, you will be happy to learn that the Belle Province has a daycare system for which the rest of Canada and many countries around the world envy us. That being said, finding your way inside it and, more importantly, finding the right daycare solution and provider for your beloved [...]

Helping your Employees Relocate with Kids

Your relocating employees have a lot on their minds, and it's safe to say that dealing with the emotions and concerns of children who are relocating with them doesn't make a big move any easier. Even small moves across town can be hard on kids, but overseas moves mean kids will both isolated from [...]

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Moving to Canada with Kids: Some helpful tips

Moving can be always be a challenge. But moving with kids can be a real ordeal. Every obstacle or difficulty is raised by an order of magnitude when the little ones you love the most are being moved across the globe, into new terrain and unfamiliar settings. But it is absolutely doable, and when [...]

Helping your Children Cope with Relocation

A relocation to another country represents a challenging step for the whole family, and especially for your children. Leaving home, leaving town, leaving friends, leaving comforts for the unknown may be really scary for children, especially if they aren’t in control of anything and they feel like they’re undergoing this change. But, you can [...]

Finding the Right Daycare in British Columbia

Moving to Vancouver or Victoria, young parents may need help wrapping their heads around the daycare system in British Columbia, because finding the right daycare for your children is – understandably – one of the greatest challenges relocating parents face. As usual, we are here to help! There is no province-scale daycare system in [...]

Relocating with Teenagers: the Story of Camille, 16 years old

Introducing Camille, who relocated with her parents and two siblings from tropical Fort-de-France to freezing Montreal at age 16. We hope her testimonial will help your teenagers cope with the idea of relocating to Quebec! “Moving on, changing countries and culture is a really challenging upheaval for the whole family. This change seems easier [...]

Maternity, Paternity or Parental Leaves: How it works in Canada

Expecting a baby is a very exciting event in life. No matter if it is your first, second or third, your daily routine and the organization within your family will change. It raises many questions concerning the options for maternity leave, such as: which parent can take time from work? for how long? and [...]

Same-sex marriage in Canada

Give me a country where same-sex marriage and adoption are an indisputable reality. Canada! Same-sex couples are authorized by law to benefit from the same rights to marriage and adoption as the “other” couples. It’s already been 8 years! Justice courts in Quebec launched the movement in 2004 and a federal law was issued [...]

Finding a daycare in Quebec

The government of Quebec has set up a system of subsidized daycare services for busy parents and professionals who work a lot and want to be sure their children are in good hands while they are at work.