Family Class Visa: Canadian immigration for relatives

As a Canadian resident or citizen, you can sponsor relatives for a Family Class Visa. Through this program, parents can sponsor their children, and husbands or wives can sponsor their spouses. The program even applies to adopted children and to same-sex couples. Also, parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can qualify [...]

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Finding the Right Daycare in British Columbia

Moving to Vancouver or Victoria, young parents may need help wrapping their heads around the daycare system in British Columbia, because finding the right daycare for your children is – understandably – one of the greatest challenges relocating parents face. As usual, we are here to help! There is no province-scale daycare system in [...]

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Maternity, Paternity or Parental Leaves: How it works in Canada

Expecting a baby is a very exciting event in life. No matter if it is your first, second or third, your daily routine and the organization within your family will change. It raises many questions concerning the options for maternity leave, such as: which parent can take time from work? for how long? and [...]

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