10 Green Stores in Montreal: Eco friendly shopping in French Canada

A cultural crossroads of North American, European and international immigrant lifestyles, Montreal really brings the whole world together in one vibrant city, on one dynamic island. So it's no surprise that Montrealers take global awareness seriously. Though they may not be quite as progressive as their West Coast compatriots in Vancouver, you can be [...]

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11 Green Stores in Vancouver: Earth friendly shopping

Why are there so many health food stores and eco-boutiques in Vancouver?Well, if you know anything about North American geopolitics, then you probably know that the West Coast is sometimes referred to as the Left Coast. That's because the Pacific Coast is teeming with vegetarians, yogis, chiropractors, transvestites and tree huggers. OK, maybe that's a [...]

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Green Shopping in Toronto: 11 Eco-friendly options

Notorious for their long, frigid winters, you might think that Canadians would look forward to a little dose of global warming. On the contrary, Canadians are among the most environmentally conscious citizens on earth. Climate change might allow them a few extra days of balmy t-shirt weather in the spring and fall, but it [...]

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