Québec is Canada’s largest province by area and almost three times as large as France. So there are a lot of things to do!

It is sometimes nice to get out of Montréal, recharge the batteries and enjoy the calm of the countryside.

Among the best sights of the Québec countryside are the open waterways, extensive greenery and traditional architecture. One place that is perfect for seeing all three is Tadoussac. A village of about 850 inhabitants, about 470 kilometres away from Montréal, Tadoussac’s architecture is a trace from the colonization period; indeed, Tadoussac is the province’s oldest village, founded in 1600!

Located at the mouth of the Saguenay fjord and the St Lawrence estuary, the region benefits from several facilities and activities: alongside a specialized centre on marine mammals, Tadoussac is a hot spot for whale watching and cruises, and is also a great place to see black bears sea birds and birds of prey. The village also has a marine environment discovery centre and an archaeological museum.

Every year Tadoussac hosts a music festival, artists of different kinds gather during a few days offering a large diversity and a lively atmosphere!

Good spots :

  • Accomodation

Domaine des Dunes – 585 Chemin du Moulin à Baude.

Chalets, activities; warm welcome. Dogs are welcome

Gîte le Roupillon – 141 Rue du Parc.

Very nice cottage at the heart of the village.

Hôtel Tadoussac – 165 Rue du Bord de l’eau.

Hotel built in 1865 with a nice view on the bay, the movie « The Hotel New Hampshire », featuring Jodie Foster and Natassja Kinski was shot at the place.

  • Restaurants

Chez Mathilde – 227 Rue des Pionniers

Large choice of really nice food; at the heart of the village.

La Bolée – 164 Rue Morin

Large choice of wine, tasty food in a charming environment.

Café Bohème – 239 Rue des Pionniers

Healthy and simple food, at the heart of the village.

  • Activities

Black bears observation– Domaine de nos ancêtres – 1895 Route 172 Sud, Sacré Cœur (15 kilometres from Tadoussac)

Cruises and whales observation – AML Croisières – 168 Rue des Pionniers

Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac

Photo credits: Farinotti Deborah Salomé (view)

Niefer Alain (whale)