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Skiing Resorts Near Montréal

You are relocating to Montréal and you wonder what you will do this winter? In Canada, skiing is a very common sport, and you could take advantage of many stations near Montréal. Here is our selection of the best skiing resorts, compiled by David.

The closest stations are 45 minutes from the center of Montréal, making it necessary to take your car or the shuttles to get there.

The principal ski resorts near Montréal are Mont Saint-Bruno , Mont-Rigaud and Bromont, which are ideal to learn or to ski with your family. Rates are around $40 per day for an adult but if you ski regularly, it’s best to take a season pass, which costs approximately $400 per person. If you do not have the required equipment for skiing, you can of course buy or rent what you need on site.

If you prefer larger resorts, you will have to go further. Renowned resorts in the province are Mont-Saint-Sauveur, Mont-Blanc and Mont-Tremblant. These three big stations are approximately one hour and a half from Montréal, and feature a lot of shops or activities like bars, restaurants, spas, boutiques and special events (concerts, spectacles, etc…).

Prices are a little higher but they are really worth it. For example, you can ski every day until 10pm in Saint-Sauveur thanks to their illuminated trails, or come by plane directly from Toronto or New York City to Mont-Tremblant. These resorts offer housing options, restaurants, a casino, etc. They are really like small villages with a lot of thing to do and you can stay for several days.

If you want to make progress in ski or just discover the different resorts around Montréal, YMCA and Rod Roy offer programs which allow you to ski in different stations, one day per week-end during 6 or 7 weeks. For approximately $550 per adult, you go skiing on Saturday or Sunday with a group or on your own, and you don’t have to think about transportation or meal because it’s all included. If you want, you can take ski lessons too.

Ready to book your pass? You can buy your ticket at the resorts’ counters or directly on their websites. And if you prefer to start slowly, you can also take a pass for only 2 or 3 hours.

If you’re looking for some family-friendly ski resorts in Quebec, you’ll also want to check our bog HERE.

Time to put your skis on, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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