Moving to Canada, or immigrating to any new country. It’s a major undertaking. So many questions, you don’t even know how to ask them, let alone who to ask. Whatever stage you’re at, ARIANNE Relocation can help. So let’s talk about how we can do that.

Using the ARIANNE website, your first step might be to download a Free Relocation Roadmap. The Roadmap is a very helpful (and free!) visual aide that outlines all the major topics of relocation. These topics roughly correspond to the 20 chapters of the Online Relocation Guide, providing a very clear overview of the different aspects that you’ll need to consider and address as you make the move and get resettled in Canada.

If you are a self-sufficient, do-it-yourself kind of person, the Online Relocation Guide is probably your best choice, and the most economic. The Guides cover everything from your visa alternatives, if you are still in the immigration planning stages; through the search for jobs, schools, housing and medical care; all the way up to connecting your utilities and shopping for groceries.

The Guides really empower you to handle the whole tremendous process on your own. And they are available for major cities throughout Canada, so they cover specific information pertaining to each province and locality. Through our website, anyone can easily purchase one of the Guides. For $99 CAD, you’ll have access to the guide for one year, as well as additional online support from ARIANNE and membership in a private Facebook group for new arrivals in Canada.

If you prefer a higher level of assistance and support for your relocation, ARIANNE also offers one-on-one Tele-Consultation Services (usually via Skype), where you can ask questions and discuss your specific situation with a real Canadian relocation expert. We understand that this can be a very personal process. In the course of this consultation (or series of consultations) you will have the option to get a customized action plan, created very specifically for your circumstances, to help you get through every step of your relocation.

Finally, for those who simply can’t be bothered with the day-to-day details of shopping for real estate, setting up house, and dealing with all those other little details, ARIANNE offers In-Person Relocation Services, tailored for your very specific needs. Whether you are a family with children, or just a single or a couple, we have a range of packages that can be custom tailored for your exact needs. Decide for yourself how much time you need, accompanied by one of our in-person relocation specialists, exploring neighbourhoods, visiting schools, fulfilling administrative requirements.

For more than 20 years, ARIANNE has been helping families, individuals and professionals relocate to Canada. We understand the challenges, and we know the best solutions. Save yourself time, money and unwanted headaches, and let ARIANNE help pave the way to a smooth and successful transition.

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