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Montréal’s Markets: Produce for the People

Montréal is a place where all different cultures meet. That goes for the architecture, ways of life, fashion and, of course, the food.

Food plays an important role in Montréal’s cultural life, and more and more restaurants are trying to go greener: they tend to get their food from a local farmers’ market.

Montréal has four main markets: Jean Talon, Atwater, De Maisonneuve and Lachine; on top of these four markets, there are smaller neighbourhood markets organized throughout the city.

Since its founding in 1993, the mission of the “Corporation de gestion des marches publics de Montréal” (CGMPM) is to provide Montréalers access to the freshest products in their public markets.

Montréal 4 main markets:

Jean Talon Market

A farmer’s market located in the Little Italy district of the city, it can be reached via the metro from either Jean Talon or De Castelnaux stations. It is open year-round, with walls in place during the winter.

You can find flowers, fruit, veggies, seafood, artisanal breads, poultry, pork, books, organic food…

It is Montreal’s largest market, and open seven days a week. Click here for complete details.

Atwater Market

A farmer’s market located in the Saint Henry area. The stunning art deco building was designed by architect Ludger Lemieux. It can be reached by Lionel Groulx metro station, and is also open seven days a week. Click here.

De Maisonneuve Market

Located in the Hochelage-Maisonneuve area. It can be reached by the metro stations Pie IX or Viau. Open every day. Click here.

Lachine Market

Montréal’s oldest market, operating since 1845. Located in Lachine, close to the canal. Open every day. Click here.

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