Practicing sport in Vancouver

Sport is vital, sport is needed, sport is everywhere in Vancouver!

As the largest city of British Columbia and one of the most attractive metropolis in Canada, Vancouver offers an almost infinite range of sport  activities, clubs, fitness centers or natural spots to practice whatever you want. The municipality is also greatly involved in the development of remarkable public infrastructures in order to sustain and promote the practice of sport all over the urban agglomeration.

To anyone who may be looking for a tennis partner, a public swimming pool, a karate dojo or simply a place to get some physical exercise or training, we provide you with an extensive list telling you everything you need  to know regarding the practice of sport in Vancouver:

Let’s start with the local bible, when it comes to sport, with the city hall official website:

1 – Tennis and badminton:

Link to the municipality:

– A few private tennis clubs:

Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club
1630 West 15th Avenue
Vancouver, BC   V6J 2K7
Tel: (604) 731-2191 –


West Vancouver Tennis Club

821 – 21st Street
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 4T3


2 – Ice Hockey

Link to the municipality:

To find the location of ice hockey rinks in Vancouver:

3 – Basket Ball

Link to the municipality:

4 – Golf

Link to the municipality:

– A few private golf clubs

The Vancouver Golf Club

771 Austin Avenue
PO Box 1174 STN

Coquitlam BC  V3J 7A2

Phone: (604) 936-3404


Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club

4300 SW Marine Drive

Vancouver, BC
V6N 4A6

Phone: 604-266-4141


5 – Swimming pools

Link to the municipality:

6 – Soccer

Link to the municipality:

7 – Running

Link to the municipality:

8 – Yoga and Pilates

Link to the municipality:

9 – Fitness centers

Urban Health Club

928 Davis St

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B9, Canada

Phone: 604-696-5549


10 – Baseball, softball and T-Ball

Link to the municipality:

11 – Martial Arts and self-defense sports

Link to the municipality:

List of dojos in Vancouver:

Enjoy these exceptional opportunities offered by the city of Vancouver to all sport lovers !

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