For the Vegetarians in Montréal

For vegetarians in Montréal, the options may at first seem limited, and always having to choose a salad or a meat-based meal without the meat can get old fast. Luckily, Montréal actually offers some great vegetarian restaurants and cafés that step away from the ordinary, and incorporate natural, tasty, and interesting ingredients.

The Montréal Vegetarian Association, which has the slogan “for health, for the animals, for the environment”, aims to promote a change in the way people eat, while bringing the vegetarians in Montréal together. This means that not only does the city offer a great selection of vegetarian restaurants and vegan restaurants, but there are also social activities each month that focus specifically on networking, and bringing the vegetarian and vegan community together.

Some of its organized events include veggie speed dating, designed for you to meet a special someone who shares your culinary choice, movie screenings at the Environmental Film Festival in Montréal, and Veggie-picnics. For the more politically active vegetarian, there are also forums, debates and exhibitions that you can attend.

For vegetarians, Montréal is a great city to explore, never mind the fact that you don’t eat meat or animal products. There are friends to be made, recipes and restaurants to try, and so many things to learn that you could spend your whole life wandering the streets, discovering a new vegetarian around every corner!

Few Vegetarian Restaurants in Montréal:

Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur – 4050 Ave Coloniale

Lola Rosa – with 3 locations in the city

Bonny’s – 1748 Notre-Dame St. west

RestoVego – 1720 Saint-Denis Street

Aux Vivres – 4631 Boulevard St-Laurent

For a longer list of restaurants, click here.

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