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UPDATE: We have published a newer and more comprehensive version of this article. To learn all about daycare options in Montreal and Quebec, please visit Choosing the Right Daycare in Quebec (part 1) and Finding the Right Daycare in Montreal (part 2).

The government of Quebec has set up a system of daycare services for busy parents and professionals who work a lot and want to be sure their children are in good hands while they are at work.

These daycare services are subsidized by state; what means that the fees are different from a family to another: depending on the revenues, some  will pay a small amount while others won’t have to pay anything; all the expenses being covered by the province of Quebec.

The service offered by Quebec enable parents to choose amongst several types of daycare for their children aged 4 or under; there are also some school daycare services for children aged 12 and under.

We can name three different types of daycares available for $7 a day through the state system: childcare centres, day care centres, and home childcare providers.

Childcare centres: Take care of children, from birth to age 5. Occasionally, they take care of school age children.

Day care centres: Take care of children, from birth to age 12.

Home childcare providers: Take care of children, from birth to age 12.

These three services can be attended either part time or full time. They offer a program adapted to the child’s age; the goal of the time spent on site is to improve the child’s capacities, intelligence and knowledge, while your child is making new friends.

It is not always easy to find a subzidized daycare in Montreal as the available places go fast, you can always choose a private daycare; they are more expensive than the subsidized ones but offer excellent care. These private daycares cost about $40 a day.

To find daycares in your neighbourhood, use this locator.

Another interesting website is daycarebear; by filling your needs on the website, you will receive a list of daycares in which places are available. You can also receive this list by email and be updated when there is a space in a daycare close to your place.

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