Do you remember the old saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

But what if you are surrounded by them wherever you go? To top it off, your lovely children bring apples home by the kilo, because they take school trips to the apple orchards, which are by the way also a good family attraction. You can pick your own apples there. See for example Harvest Ontario to find a nice spot.

Canadians are experts when it comes to the apple harvest in late summer.

Since the 1600s, when the French introduced this crop, it became the most important tree crop in Canada. Apples are grown everywhere in Canada, if the climate permits.

No matter if you prefer the modern varieties like Cortland, Empire, Spartan or Delicious, or the heritage ones, like Cox’s Orange Pippin, Snow or Wealthy. In September you can harvest them all.

But let’s come back to our initial question:

How not to overdose on apples

Here are some of our favourite ideas to process your stock, so that it won’t stand in your way until Christmas!

  • Start with an apple pie
  • Pimp your salad with apple slices
  • Prepare a grilled apple & cheese sandwich for your kids’ lunch
  • Make apple pancakes for the Sunday brunch
  • Add apple-chutney to your roast beef.
  • The riper apples can be processed to applesauce, apple butter, baked apples, or apple fritters… Or what about some apple chips?

There are many ways to extend the life of your apples and to limit the risk of an overdose!

Photo Credit: Unsplash