Immigration Options for Nomads and Retirees: How can I move to Canada?

We hear from people all the time who want to know: How can I move to Canada? Many of them are older Americans wanting to retire in Canada, some are younger digital nomads looking for a comfortable place to settle for an extended temporary stay. We hear from a lot of Americans who want to [...]

9 Things About Montreal that You Might Not Know

If you’re new to the city, or even if you’ve spent your whole life there, here are 9 things about Montreal that you’re sure to find interesting. 1. The world’s very first hockey game took place in Montreal on March 3, 1875. There’s no record of who won the fight, or the hockey match. [...]

Helping your Transferee Overcome Loneliness

Every year, Canada helps people from all over the world immigrate to our provinces for economic reasons. Many of the Provincial Nominee Programs target business people and skilled workers who already have job offers within the nation's borders. While immigrating to Canada can provide wonderful career opportunities for employees, and the chance to explore a new, rich [...]

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3 Ski Resorts In Quebec You Can Take Your Kids To

What better way to have some family bonding time than to learn new things together? If you can’t tell the difference between green and black pistes or — don’t worry, these Ski Resorts in Quebec have qualified bilingual instructors to explain everything both to you and your kids. You 'll also find ski lessons [...]

Cruising through Cowtown: The Neighbourhoods of Calgary

Some call it Cowtown and some call it C-town. A lot of people call it Stampede City, and for good reason! But whatever you choose to call it, we're sure you'll find plenty to like about the "Heart of the New West," a.k.a. Calgary. As Canada's third largest city — located near the wide [...]

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Pumpkin carving for Halloween: Tips for Beginners

In Canada, as October rolls around, you will see many people decorating for Halloween. In North America, this holiday is widely celebrated with everything from trick-or-treating, to lights and decorations covering many houses, inside and out. A favourite decoration for Halloween is most definitely the Jack-o'-Lantern, which is not only a great family craft [...]

Yes we Cannabis: You say jump, we say How High

Pot smokers, freedom fighters and bon vivants are joining hands across Canada this month to make a joyful noise of jubilation, followed by the husky sound of hearty coughing. With the passage of the Federal Cannabis Act, on 17 October 2018, Canada became the second country in the world (after Uruguay) to legalize recreational [...]

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Festivals in Vancouver: More than just Good Eats

Top 3 More-Than-Just Food Festivals in Vancouver Even if you are not a gourmet, you have probably been to Dine Out Vancouver Fest and to EAT! Vancouver, or at least heard about this marvelous, but mainstream event. Wine or Craft Beer festivals or Christmas markets are stunning, but they are also not a part [...]

Inform your Transferees About Worker’s Rights in Canada

Every country has its own set of employee rights and standards. While each strives to ensure the safety and fairness in the workplace, subtle differences could create issues for your transferees - especially if they aren't aware of Canada's specific laws and guaranteed rights. A smooth relocation means helping transferees understand worker's rights in Canada. If [...]

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