Using a relocation specialist to oversee the relocation process may be the missing piece of the puzzle, when your company is looking to transfer employees to Canada. Experts in relocation can help relieve the stresses on both HR departments and transferees. They are there to manage all the big steps of the move, and provide answers to all the big or small questions. Here’s a few ways that using a relocation specialist may help convince your employees to say “yes” to your offer.

They are experts who can save you time, energy and money

Effective relocation companies take care of all the details, from hiring a moving company, to helping your transferees set up bank accounts and secure health care insurance once they reach their destination. We manage the formalities involved with moving services, real estate and rental properties, community facts and information, setting up local services and utilities, and much more. This one-stop service means your company’s HR team needs only to speak to the relocation company in order to acquire information about every element of the relocation.  This means HR teams can devote their energy to employees. Additionally, because relocation specialists are familiar with relocation processes, and often have partnerships in the city, you and your transferee will receive the best price points available for services. The expertise of relocation companies can save you and your employees the headaches and logistical nightmares associated with relocation technicalities.

They think about families

Relocation specialists understand how to satisfy the needs of relocating transferees. But equally important, they are also able to provide solutions for spouses and children. A good relocation specialist can help your employee and his/her family choose the best neighbourhood for kids, enroll quickly in high-quality schools and daycares, search out extracurricular activities, and even help prepare for an approaching pregnancy. They will be able to help significant others understand the local job market and professional accreditation. One of the biggest reasons that employees choose NOT to transfer is the toll the move would take on families, so having this extra layer or knowledge and security is a big sell.

They provide holistic and ongoing support

From the onset, using a relocation specialist means your transferees (or prospective transferees) will get help understanding and evaluating “the sticky issues,” like “will I be able to afford this move?” and other private financial and emotional questions and concerns. When relocation specialists take on this role, that means employers don’t need to be quite as involved, and transferees can worry less about how these discussions might affect their professionalism or relationship to their employer.

It’s easy to think of relocations in terms of the physical move, but selling an existing property, packing, shipping items, dealing with visas and immigration, and moving into a new home is really only the beginning. The best relocation companies provide resources that will help your transferee grow comfortable in his/her new city. They also understand that their relationship to your employees does not end once the individual or family has moved in. They  provide ongoing, intercultural training, that help newcomers understand local “dos and don’ts,” and allow them to more confidently navigate social and professional interactions. At ARIANNE Relocation, we offer a wide range of products and services including city-specific Online Guides and remote Tele-Consultations.

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